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Why was Matt Hardy fired from WWE?

Due to the release of Matt Hardy, there is likely to be a lot of heat in the direction of Lita and Edge.

It seems that either Hardy or Edge had to go, and in the end, WWE decided that Edge was the superstar they wanted to keep. Over the past year, WWE have been impressed with the strides Edge has taken and feel he is a big asset to the company right now.

On the other hand, there has been mixed opinion toward Matt Hardy’s marketability, interviews and in-ring style.

And as we’ve already reported already, Hardy’s decision to go public about his feelings wasn’t recieved well by WWE management.

However, Edge and Lita didn’t release their side of the story and were therefore rewarded by keeping things “in house.”

With regard to Hardy joining TNA, many people are divided over him, but given his brother Jeff works there, it’s likely he will be offered work there. Whether he accepts their pay deal is another matter.