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WWE superstars not happy about Diva Search, No tag match after Raw

Apparently, the news that there would be another $250,000 Diva Search contest is not sitting well with many people backstage in the WWE. Most people are pissed because while Christy Hemme gets along with everyone and is very respectful of the workers, she is making a lot more than many on the roster without having to pay any dues before hand to earn it. The general feeling is that the WWE would rather shell out big money and a contract to people who have no experience and just basically walk off the street than to workers who have spent years paying their dues, improving their game, and trying to make a name for themselves in the business.

Despite the fact that there was supposed to be an advertised tag team match after Raw went off the air between Shawn Michaels & Batista vs. Triple H & Ric Flair, it never happened. Earl Hebner actually had to run down to ringside to inform Lillian Garcia that the tag match wouldn’t be taking place. No word yet on why it was cancelled, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that we didn’t see any sign of Ric Flair on Raw last night during any of the HHH segments. We’ll keep you informed of this situation if anything else happens.