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SCW Sovereign Setting the Scene : Results!

Ladies and gentlemen, SCW Sovereign Setting the Scene is in the books and what a memorable night it was!

We apologise to all the fans forthe absence of advertised performer “Tough Guy” Barry Malone.It seems even tough guys are vulnerable to food poisoning. Get well soon Barry!

Here are the quick results from Setting the Scene, held before a crowd of 90.

Disco Dick defeated the International Gay Bar Superstar Latz with a brutal…. Clothesline???

Majik made his SCW Sovereign debut by entering the ring and engaging in a war of words with Sovereign owner Samhain.

Black Death won the first ever SCW Sovereign Training School Gauntlet match. After the match, former SCW Champion Carnage entered the ring,obliterated Black Death and his final opponent Mickey Quinn in an effort to illustrate his dis-pleasure about Majik being added to the main event match up later in the evening.

Brandon Thomas defeated “Starman” Marc Clark by submission.

Tom Savage won a brutal Three Way Dance over Kevin Stansko and Lee Koles when he pinned BOTH opponents after a Savage Swan Dive.

Tommy Stevens defeated the debuting “Mad” Mike with a chair shot in a No Disqualifications match.

Hunters INC vanquished yet another team when the defeated Chris Hall and Dave Daniels. Will any team be able to put them away and take their Tag-Team titles?

And in the main event, M.T.X retained the SCW Championship in a Three Way Dance after he reversed the Spellbinder into a Death Valley Driver,scoring the pin on Majik. Despite being injured early on, Carnage made a good accounting of himself in this match. A one on one re-match for the title between M.T.X and Carnage is a strong possibility!

Although all the wrestlers on this card are trained professionals, it is with a degree of sadness that several injuries were received during the course of the night. Best wishes and speedy recovery to Lee Koles (cracked ribs), Kevin Stansko (concussion) and Carnage (it is unclear at this time the severity of Carnages injury,all we know is his knee was giving him a lot of trouble during and after his match).

Finally, it was heartening to see members of several other promotions in the audience at Setting the Scene. Representatives of FCW, AWW, BRAWL and MPW were all very much in evidence. This can only be a good thing for the British Wrestling industry, with opposing promotions starting to show support for each other at long last.

Many thanks to all who attended. Keep your eyes on this space for all the news on SCW Sovereigns upcoming shows.