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wZw April News Updates

wZw April News Updates

Injury Updates:

John Britain: John Britain has been suffering for a while with back problems, something he has had for most of his life only wrestling has aggravated it somewhat and the NHS being the shambles it is, he is not getting any treatment at the moment. John is currently saving his pennies up to see a specialist chiropractor in order to find out exactly what is wrong with his back and hopefully sort it out. At the present John will not be returning to the ring for some time. XL Nattrass: Last year XL suffered a bad injury to his knee during a martial arts competition and even after surgery his knee is still weak and he is in considerable pain. He has decided to step away from the ring for a while and concentrate on managing his Brothers Shady and J Nattrass. Iceman: After Iceman hit that suplex from the top of the post to the outside, immediately after he suffered a massive amount of pain in his lower back and hip area. Many fans have expressed concern for Iceman after seeing him carried out of the ring. I am pleased to inform our fans that Iceman is back to 100% and no permanent damage was sustained.

Up-Coming Shows:

Shildon Civic Hall, May 27th 2005.
WZw return to Shildon for the second time this year, one match already booked is going to be the kick boxer turned professional wrestler Bomber Mills take on the wZw Heavy Weight Champion ‘The Iceman’, also scheduled for the show will feature another Title match which will involve a fatal 4 way match for the wZw Inter-Promotional Title, in this match GTS & his new found tag team partner of Brad Fusion will go up against Juvenile and Inter-Promotional Champion Tron. What makes this match interesting is that who ever gets the pin will win the title. Also scheduled to appear on the show is the Cruiser Division Champion ‘Iain Robinson’ who has made an open invitation to every wrestler under the weight of 12stone in the UK to challenge him for the title in what every type of match they choose. Stevie Lynn, Spitfire, Anthony McIntyre, Highlander are just some of the wZw stars set to appear. Rumours about a wXw (Germany) wrestler or wrestlers have been coming out of Commissioner Gary Graham’s office, he refuses to comment on this.

Belle Vue, Hartlepool, May 28th 2005.
With a return to the Belle Vue Sports Centre in Hartlepool, wZw will be presenting ‘Over the Top’ which will include a massive over the top Royal Rumble match, participants from all over the UK will take part in this event. Every 30 seconds a new competitor will enter the ring, all wrestlers taking part will be drawn at random and no one apart from the commissioner will know what number they are drawn to enter the Rumble. The prize for winning this Rumble will be a shot at the wZw heavyweight title in Whitley Bay on July 2nd. We expect some surprise entrants in this Rumble and maybe some new faces to wZw. No other matches for this event have been announced as of yet.

Whitley Bay Residents Club, July 2nd 2005.‘Light the fuse, here we go.’ The third time this year we return to Whitley Bay, fans complained the last time we were at the Club that we have not taken any hardcore wrestling to the venue for the last two shows. Commissioner Gary Graham is looking into bringing back Hardcore Wrestling to the Residents Club and with the WWE bringing back ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) with a PPV in June, this could be the right time for wZw fans to see extreme come back to wZw. No matches have been announced for this event as of yet.

Tickets for these events go on sale next week (Via the website – , prices vary depending on venue.

Nu Breed Wrestling Academy News:
First of all let me assure everyone the Academy is NOT closing. The academy could not be a stronger position than it has been in its past. We have plenty of new trainees coming through the door and the wZw roster guys have made the choice to be trained or not come to training. One thing in this business and all the worlds top wrestlers say is that you never stop learning and if a wrestler thinks they know it all, they know nothing. Our aim is to train and end up with some of the UK’s finest wrestlers. So far in the short space of time we are achieving some really good results and our wrestlers are getting booking for other promotions on a regular basis. More information on the training can be found on the wZw website or you can email our head trainer Carl Turner at for details.

The classes run every Sunday 11.30am – 6.00pm, costs etc on the website…

NU Breed Academy Showcase:
On Sunday 24th April 2005, we will be showcasing our Academy guys, in an Academy showcase exhibition. Several matches will be held at the gym and it’s a free entry to the public event. Yes FREE. The reason we don’t charge for these events is because its about the trainees, giving them the chance to showcase what they are learning in-front of a crowd. This event will feature a Trainee Battle Royal and the winner will have the opportunity to join in the Royal Rumble at the Hartlepool ‘Over the Top’ show. Other matches have yet to be announced. This is not a wZw show, this is an exhibition of the trainee’s who are training at the academy. Come along and witness the future stars of wZw.

Latest DVD releases:

Town Hall Brawl 2005 (Double DVD release)
DVD1 – Listing:

Nattrass Boys Vs 3 Steps Ahead (Tag Team Match)
Spitfire Vs Lance Thunder (British Rules Match 7 x 3min Rounds, 1 fall win)
AJ Anderson & Bomber Mills Vs John Britain & Juvenile (Tag Team Match)
Stevie Lynn Vs Anthony McIntyre (Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match)
Stevie Douglas & Alex Pain (wXw – Germany) Vs Full Pack (wZw – UK) (International Tag Team Match)
General Trent Steel Vs Tron © (wZw Inter-Promotional Title Match)
Petey Williams(TNA) Vs Shady Nattrass (wZw) (Cruiser Division Match)
Iceman © (wZw) Vs Samoa Joe (ROH) (wZw Heavyweight Title Match)

DVD2 – Bonus DVD – Listings:
Full Pack Vs T2K – (Shildon, Oct 04)
J Nattrass Vs Lance Thunder – (NBWA Exhibtion – Dec 04)
Highlander Vs Drew Galloway – (Breakdown – Jan 05)
Town Hall Brawl – Music Video
Iceman Vs Samoa Joe – Music Video
wZw Cruiser Tournament – Music Video
Breakdown (Whitley Bay – January 2005) – Music Video
Autographs (NBWA Exhibition) – Music Video
Back Stage Promo’s – The Out-takes

Only £12.00 for this Double DVD edition, full commentary, printed disc’s, cover and case.

With a pretty hectic start to the year, things certainly seen to heading in the right direction for us here at wZw, with alliances being made with wXw in Germany and more talent swapping between companies will be a benefit to both German and British fans alike and will almost certainly will give both sets of wrestlers valued experience. Our first ‘Supershow’ of the year ‘Town Hall Brawl’ went very well indeed. Thanks to everyone who helped out making the show a success. We are returning to the town hall next March not the October like we planned as All Star have booked the venue for a show in that month. It was great working with Petey Williams (a last minute booking) and Samoa Joe who is a great guy and one we hope to bring back to a wZw ring in the future. For all the up to date information on wZw check out: – Official Website to wZw – wZw Official Fan Forums – Proud sponsor of wZw