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TUF star Nate Quarry interview

W101 ( I have Nate ‘The Rock’ Quarry from the Ultimate Fighter (Spike TV reality show) here. You fought Lodune Sincaid last week at the UFC Spike TV finale last week. How are you feeling after that victory, man?

Nate: I feel great. I feel I executed my gameplan perfectly. I didn’t get to show a lot (on the reality show), what I was capable of. I wanted to go out and completely dominate the fight and that’s what I did. He didn’t even hit me, I hit him with crosses and hooks and it went well.

W101: Good, for people who actually watched the Ultimate Fighter, they’re familiar with how you exited the show with the injury and you appeared to be devastated. How was it mentally coming back from that when you found out you would be fighting on the finale?

Nate: The hardest part was coming back from that. Everyone who goes through something like that have a period where they break down, it was a breakdown,  but then you have to pick the pieces up and I believe that’s what makes a man a man. It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you come back from it. It was definitley a devastating thing. Even now, I see Diego Sanchez (Middleweight winner) get a brand new car and everything from winning the show, but I can’t complain where I’m at right now. I’m happy about how I was portrayed in the show and I have a UFC contract of my own right now.

W101: Let’s talk about the UFC contract, for the fans out there that don’t know what that entails. How many fights have you got on that deal?

Nate: Basically, as long as things go well, they’re gonna keep me around, as with all the tough fighters. We’ve kept this sport around and we’ve built a huge fanbase. Forrest Griffin (Light Heavyweight winner) had a great fight, which was the highest watched UFC fight ever. The UFC wants to show how much they appreciate the hard work we put in and it’s paying off.

W101: For people who haven’t seen you fight before the Ultimate Fighter, you’ve been around the sport a long time. You’ve cornered and helped Randy (Couture) and Dan Henderson for their respective UFC and PRIDE fights. Just how long have you been involved with the sport?

Nate: I’ve been training close to nine years now. I first met Randy when he first beat Vitor Belfort (back at UFC 13) and I just knew this guy was going to do something with the sport and I just knew that everywhere he went I would go out of my way to train with him and I was with Team Quest before it was Team Quest. I remember the day I actually joined his team when he didn’t even have a team and I said "Randy, I’m tired of training at my old gym, I wannna train with you" and he said "Well, I don’t have a team". I said "Well, you should form one and I wanna be on it" and he said "Okay, I guess I’ll look for some fights for you" and that’s how Team Quest started.

W101: I don’t wanna delay, you obviously have Randy out and Matt (Lindland) out training right now and cutting weight. What’s next for you? I mean, what names have been tossed around, who stands out to you?

Nate: There weren’t any names mentioned. Whoever they want me to fight, I’ll fight and do my thing. I don’t plan on losing, all I can do is do my best and whatever happens, happens.

W101: It’s been a pleasure speaking with you, you’ve been very fortcoming with this interview and thanks a lot.

Nate: Thank you.