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GPW Salvation Is Near

Press Release

GPW Salvation Is Near

It is with great pleasure I make my first public statement as GPW Chairman and Commissioner. For those of you who have been wondering who pulls the strings at GPW these days – wonder no longer. I make the matches. I book the shows. I take your money.

Wrestling was cruel to me, GPW was cruel to me. And now with a pocket full of Mummy and Daddy’s inheritance money, it is time to have my own fun. Call it revenge, call it spite, call it pure curiosity – call it what you want but GPW is changing. It is clear that this federation is riddled with problems. From jealousy, to theft, to clashing of ego’s – and I like it. But I will not let the lunatics run the asylum unless it is on my terms. These are problems I have unwillingly inherited; and they are problems that will be resolved.

My first act as GPW Commissioner is to officially suspend JC Thunder from any further GPW action until I see fit to bring him back.

I have also fined Jiggy Walker £500 for attacking a fan.

Ever since the introduction of title belts into GPW we have seen one theft after another. I have seen the footage from Last Orders and from the camera angle we have; the evidence is inconjucive as to weather Damon
Leigh tapped out or not. However, the referees decision is final and Alex Shane is the officially recognised GPW British Champion. I will go on the record and say that I am not a big fan of DDL. He cried like a baby when he got the title, he cried like a baby for months when he couldn’t beat Heresy – and what a surprise, he is crying again. I have no sympathy for him. If he wants the title back, he will have to win it back.

However, I do have sympathy for TJ Cain. Once again – TJ Cain is the ONLY recognised GPW International Champion. Heresy didn’t win the title, he didn’t even compete for the title. I know how Heresy works. He plays mind games, he’s a fanatic and he genuinely beLIEves he is the champion. Well, on May 21st he will have the chance to prove it.. My second act as GPW Commissioner is to announce the first match for May 21st – Heresy vs. TJ Cain for the International Title. The two will face each other for the first time one on one after months of frustration with not having his own title TJ Cain has the chance to get the gold he won back in October finally around his waist.

I am now in full control of GPW and have only myself to answer to. May 21st is the start of the clean up. And Salvation will indeed be Near for many on the GPW Roster.

I will be making more announcements about the card in the coming weeks, until then thank you and good day.

Sir Richard Noble

GPW Chairman and Commissioner