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Breaking News: Edge’s Wife breaks her silence

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Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.

“They” meaning all of us. The human race. We all sin, we all error. We all do things that need to be forgiven. As a Christian I have been struggling with this “situation” for months. As a human being (living in the flesh) I have wanted to retaliate and come forward and speak my mind a lot sooner.

I married a man, Adam Copeland, six months ago with the thoughts of “til death do us part.” Obviously in our state of society that rarely exists anymore. The divorce rate is at 55% and no one bats an eyelash. When this story first broke I read so many things saying “People cheat, that’s what they do” “Athletes, cheat that’s what they do!” That my friends is a cop out. It is a way for all of us to look at ourselves and affirm our own actions in life. Whatever our own weaknesses are, we love to hear of others “failing”. The old “I told you so”…………….. Throughout my adult life I have dated atheletes or somewhat “high profile” people, not because that was/is important but because those were/are the type of people I meet. I was modeling when I met my last boyfriend who is a pro baseball player and my best friend is married to a WWE wrestler. Big deal. I have been tagged as a gold digger, it’s not that. It’s the circle of people you are surrounded by. If not at the clubs, how does anyone meet their significant others? Through work, friends etc. What’s the point to all of this???? Not much, just giving you all a little insight to who I am.

These last few months have been some of the most painful months I have ever experienced as a human being. I know we are all capable of hurting each other. Capable of things we never “intended” to do. Intended— Amy and Matt where at our wedding. Amy was not welcomed there in my eyes because she was always a bitch to me and until now did not know why. But my thought was…”how do we invite Matt and Jeff and not Amy?” I will be the bigger person here and not stoop down to her level. I thought maybe as a woman she was “testing” me out after Alanah… wondering who this girl was in her friends life so soon. Does she want him for the right reasons, etc. I gave her that… little did I know this was all lurking around the corner. Adam and Amy… Amy and Adam… oh they feel in love… poor Matt, poor Lisa. I call bullshit. Adam and I never disrespected Alanah. I didn’t want to have anything to do with Adam until his divorce was under way and I felt we were being honest and not hurting anyone. I always thought Adam was the Victim in that relationship, but now being on the other side of the fence….. not so sure anymore.

Did Adam and Amy make a mistake? Sure! Did Adam and Lisa move too fast into another marriage? Maybe we did…. Did Amy and Matt have problems? Not to my knowledge……….. there are so many theory’s, so many should haves, could haves, would haves……… but the real story is this–As a human being…….. and I stress Human, how does one continue to do this?

Where their actions unforgivable? NO, but it’s how they have both handled it after the fact. Adam blaming Matt for not being a stand up boyfriend and in turn having his girlfriend confide in him…. justifying how he could not only betray his wife but one of his best friends….. come on people you read his book…. him and Matt were best friends. When he had his neck surgery there were 5 people from the WWE that called Adam weekly to check on him–Matt being on of them. Matt was there so many times for Amy when she hurt herself. Whether it was the neck, the knee, or anything, he was there for her. How could Matt post his personal life on the net…. How immmature, right? Give me a break people…. If Matt wrote this all in his book………… No big deal! But because the WWE didn’t make one red cent from this his personal life is “off limits”. What was Unscripted all about. WWE’s stars personal lives. As long as Vince can make a buck…who cares what the fans know. But instead Matt got fired b/c all the WWE is interested in now is Bimbos, another Diva search please. Personally I always liked Amy as a wrestler. As a person I always thought she was kinda a bitch and kinda looked like a man but I just chalked that up to all of the steriods she did… but hey maybe she’s like Adam and only tried them once (Off the Record) and still doing them! Oh OK!


Amy and Adam have had many many opportunities to tell Matt and I both the truth. A chance to say hey… Sorry I hurt you but I fell in love with someone else. But they have both repeatedly continued to lie, lie, lie, lie! Why do they have backstage heat when suppposedly everyone else is cheating on their spouses? Because Adam is a coward and started naming names trying to bring others down with him. Amy was never respected by any of the girls b/c she treated them all as T-N-A and now that she needs them she is trying to gain sympathy. Well too bad, that is not how the world works. As women we don’t trust each other as it is………. as a woman disrespected by another —Fuck you bitch! I had heard somewhere that she tried to call me to apologize but that was a lie… I have tried to call her numerous times with no luck unless I call her from Adams cell, only then does she answer. They are both cowards they are both liars and they both need major psychological help. Maybe one day they will get it…. maybe not. I know Matt and I will prevail. God doesn’t bless those who have evil in their hearts. I am trying to forgive

Adam and Amy but it will take a while. Edge and Lita may be one thing, but take away Adam’s steriods and what would he be? Another 6’4″ skinny guy and take away Amy’s oppenents like Gail Kim, Molly Holly, Victoria–Girls that know how to wrestle and guess what? That nasty bitch will bust her knee cap every other 7 months. Good riddance to them both. They deserve each other. Just remember what goes around comes around. I may not have handled this in the best way possible, but I never expected this to be my life right now so please forgive me……….. God bless Matt and all the future has to offer him. And God bless Adam and Amy b/c they will need it when Karma comes knocking on their doors!