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Matt Hardy Speaks Out On Derogatory Lita Chants On Raw

On Raw last night, Lita got a plethora of derogatory chants directed her way from the very vocal MSG crowd even though she’s currently a babyface. The chants were so overbearing that it seemed like she was on the brink of crying, but Lita managed to maintain her composure. The recently released Matt Hardy was watching at his home and here is what he had to say in regards to MSG’s vocal support at the message board on his official website.

After just watching Lita and Edge on Raw, it’s very obvious what the WWE fans feel and believe. Madison Square Garden, which has been the WWE’s barometer for years about what the fans really think, let them know tonight. Matt Hardy got shafted–by a one time close friend, by a women I have given everything within me, and by a company I loved with everything I am. The “WE WANT MATT” and “YOU SCREWED MATT” show that people DO care, and that people sympathize with my terrible situation. People who have met me know that I LOVE the professional wrestling business. People who have met me know that I LOVE the people that support me. I absolutely loved MSG and all the people that were standing up for me tonight. I am 30 years old, and in the best shape physically that I have ever been in. I have more to offer the professional wrestling business than I ever have before, and I will. I refuse to lay down and die. I am like each and every one of you–I struggle for what I love and what I believe in every day. We will not be denied–THANK YOU for your support.