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Plans for WWE Draft Lottery, timing & two big rumored switches

WWE have planned the Draft Lottery for May so that no roster changes have to be made before the Backlash PPV.

The two big switches that could happen from the draft are rumored to be Shawn Michaels to SmackDown! and Kurt Angle to RAW. It would be a very interesting double-switch if it were to happen as Angle and Triple H aren’t regarded as the best of friends and there has been rivalry between the pair for a couple of years now. Meanwhile, SmackDown! would gain a big hitter if they were to get Shawn Michaels. It’s no secret that he is close with Vince McMahon and has a good friendship with Paul “HHH” Levesque, both which have enhanced his reputation.

Two potential scenarios could see Shawn Michaels turning heel and working with John Cena and Kurt Angle working a program with Batista after his feud with HHH is done.