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WWE To Call Up Matt Morgan, Jillian Hall and more

This is the time of year where WWE calls up new talent from Ohio Valley Wrestling to freshen things up a bit and here is what is on tap to go along with the additions of Melina Perez, Joey Matthews and Johnny Nitro.


Former Tough Enough 2 dropout Matt Morgan is making his return to the Smackdown roster and he will be seen as early as this week’s Smackdown. His gimmick is a stuttering gimmick like Bubba Bubba Ray Dudley in ECW and his early-WWF days in 1999.

It looks like Jillian Hall will make the WWE roster after all as she’s scheduled for a tag team match on Saturday May 28, 2005 when she teams up with Trish Stratus to take on Victoria and Christy Hemme. Even though she is a good in-ring worker, many thought she’d never make the WWE roster as she didn’t have much of a “WWE Diva” look and was a bit on the pudgy side. She’s since gotten a major makeover and can pass of as a “WWE Diva” a bit better now.

Apparently, her gimmick is that she is supposed to have a prosthetic mole on her face. Yes, you read right. That is what the WWE writers have come up for her.

It looks like Romero Roselli and Anthony Thomas will be “WWE Superstars” rather than just indy league talent which are used one time. They’ll be feuding with William Regal and Tajiri, who have been wrestling La Resistance’ more times that one can count. Romeo and Antonio will be known as “The Heart Throbs”. There gimmick is that they’re oblivious to their “stereotypical gayness,” a spoof on the “Obliviously Gay Duo” on Saturday Night Live.

Marty Wright was given a look before Raw. He was nixed from being on the Tough Enough cast in October because he lied about his age. He is 40. But he is so impressive that WWE couldn’t help but sign him to a developmental contract. He is currently learning the craft in Ohio Valley Wrestling, but has yet to appear on television.

What can be said for now and for future roster additions is that just about everyone that gets called up from OVW will have a gimmick of some sort as opposed to like in 2002 where just about everyone that debuted that year was “just being themselves”, had no gimmick and used their real names. This is only the beginning of a new wave of wrestlers with gimmicks.