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CPW – International Talent Agreement Signed

DUBLIN, IRELAND — Celtic Pro Wrestling, Ireland ( has signed a talent agreement with 3-Count Wrestling, England ( The deal, which encompasses the next twelve months with two optional one-year extensions (subject to agreement by both parties) sets the stage for regular talent exchanges for each promotion’s top stars.


3CW has begun 2005 in phenomenal manner. Not only has the promotion featured international stars Raven and Doug Williams in recent months, but more importantly, it has been a fertile breeding ground for cultivating new and untapped talent. Heavyweight Champion Ice XVII, Jayson Mayson and Young Lions Champion Dave Styles are only a few of the names who have broken into the English mainstream during the last twelve months with the company. This talent agreement will present options to these stars and more to regularly take on Celtic Pro Wrestling’s top talent, including the likes of international star “Celtic Tiger” Blake Norton and Alex Breslin, who recently won the ACWA Women’s World Championship while touring the United States.


“We’re very excited about this deal,” explained Celtic Pro Wrestling owner Norton. “I had the opportunity to work for 3CW last December. I was so impressed with the professionalism of their product – from the in-ring work to the production values to the merchandising and DVD distribution departments. It’s the kind of promotion I want our wrestlers at Celtic Pro Wrestling to be associated with, and I want to ensure that the top talent in Ireland get the opportunity to show their abilities in a foreign market.”


Mike Groom, President of 3CW, concurs.


“We at 3 Count Wrestling are thrilled to have Mr. Norton on board, and look forward to working more closely with all those at Celtic Pro Wrestling. We believe Mr. Norton’s resume speaks for itself, and look forward to being able to showcase premier Irish talent in the coming months. 3CW’s ethos has always centered around a firm belief in the recognition and forwarding of local talent, and we believe this to be an excellent opportunity to work with likeminded people to expose the hard work of everyone here in 3 Count Wrestling to a wider audience, whilst also working to showcase the immense talents of those at the Celtic Dungeon.”


Barring any legal challenges or delays, the CPW-3CW international talent agreement will go into effect on Monday, May 23rd.


Norton’s Former Student Receives WWE Tryout


Celtic Dungeon trainer Blake Norton is proud to have received news that Dan Lynam – who he trained right up until his debut last year – was given the opportunity to step between the ropes of a WWE ring for the first time in Dublin last week.  Dan, who wrestles as “Red Vinny,” had the privilege of meeting wrestling legend Ricky Steamboat on the Irish leg of Smackdown’s European tour.


“I was so proud watching Dan’s first matches,” admits Blake. Lynam made his debut challenging powerhouse Joey Carbury in Dublin city in July 2004.


On a public wrestling forum, Dan reflected on his very first day of training with Blake last May.


“I couldn’t breathe by the end of it, but it was seriously the most fun I’ve ever had in my life,” wrote Lynam. “The seven hour (session) was well worth it, (I) had a great day and learned soooo much.”


“Dan had a tear in his eye the day after his first match,” recalls Blake’s wife Natina, known inside wrestling circles as columnist and graphic designer Miss Galatea, the creator of the famous “ECW Hardcore Cafe” shirt. “In a room full of boys putting a ring together, Dan said he’d always consider Blake his mentor, and that if he got to Wrestlemania, it would be him he’d thank. It was very touching, because most people in this business forget where they came from.”


“It’s said that the greats are the ones who most often remember their roots, which is why I make an effort to talk about Calgary so much, to show respect,” explains Blake with a smile. “I’m glad that the tradition lives on in some of the talented wrestlers of tomorrow that I’ve had the pleasure of helping break into this sport, men like Brian Roche, Killer Cosgrave, and Dan Lynam. When I return to Ireland this week to open up the Celtic Dungeon training camp in Dublin (, I’m going to continue to do everything I can to ensure that every student of mine learns the fundamental tools, so they have the opportunity become all that they can be.”


Lynam currently wrestles for Irish Whip Wrestling (


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