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Scott Future Challenges Rowdy Roddy Piper!

In one of the most controversial moves ever for a British Wrestler, Scott Future, just days before WrestleMania 21, challenged Rowdy Roddy Piper’s Celebrity Wrestling programme.

It’s taken this long for Scott to reveal this story because he was hoping to include a response. Since no response has been given, Scott feels a duty to put the Celebrity Wrestling programme to the test.

Scott comments: “I told Piper how much I respected him, that I thought he was a legend, but as a Pro Wrestler in the UK, I was challenging his celebs to a genuine bout. He took my contact details and he showed great class, gesturing respect for my position. I think a part of him was actually relating to what I was doing. It goes without saying that the “Hot Rod” made a name for himself by being outspoken and controversial so I think if anyone could see my motivation it would be him. He was, and remains one of my all time favourites, a legend. We shook hands and I wished him the best, and he thanked me for ‘Being So Nice'”

“What he didnt realise was that a couple of hours before, I’d gotten message to the Celebrity Teams, through Mark Speight, at Elstree Studio’s, that I was indeed making a challenge. Speight then passed the message to D-Lo Brown who actually read my message to the whole crew… that they were bring challenged!”

Despite Scott’s serious challenge, and contact details supplied, no celebrity, team captain, or host of the programme has been in in touch with Scott. It would seem that the Celebrity Wrestlers have no intention of actually wrestling, but rather pushing each other around with foam sticks, and falling onto large crash mats. No surprises there then. However, whilst it may be easy to brush off Scott’s challenge and ingnore it ever took place, certain members of ITV may well be aware that Scott, although friendly with his challenge, is serious in it’s content. pulled of a huge scoop last week that will be revealed very shortly. Watch this space!

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