Future-Shock By Scott Future

Future-Shock #29

The UK Pitbulls challenge Scott Future; some fans don’t get it, more inside…

Thanks for reading the Future Shock; I took a heady decision a couple of months ago when I formulated a plan to challenge the Celebrities on the celebrity-wrestling programme. I knew it would be a bumpy ride, so I was pleased when I checked my inbox and got a majority of supportive email, a trend that still continues today.

I understand not everyone will understand where I am coming from, but those that understand pro wrestling in a deeper sense have already expressed pleasure in seeing my challenge gain publicity. Some haven’t, but they remain the anonymous “hide behind a username” types, that have no spine and deserve no response. It’s funny that they slate celebrity wrestling and then begrudge me the chance to turn it into a positive for me, and those that do support what I am doing. For those of you usernamed-know-it-alls, you do know what business this is right?

They complain British Wrestler’s get no mainstream exposure, and then they try to bring one down when he uses his brain and works hard to put himself out there. The ones that do support me are not anonymous, do not hide behind usernames, and so their opinions mean far more. Since many of the users of web forums are really wrestlers in disguise, trying to get even with people without actually having the front to name themselves, it makes no sense to take things personally. It does hurt, sure, but I can balance those people out by remembering an 8 year old kids smile when I signed an autograph, or the glint in a old gentleman’s eye when he shakes my hand and congratulates me on a good match. Might sound corny, but it’s more genuine than an addicted forum poster who talks a good game but never actually plays, or a wrestler who gets off on hiding within the coding and scripting of a MYSQL Database. Seriously your not all bad, but you know the ones I’m talking about.

Seeing that the Celebrity Wrestlers were stealing British Wrestling’s limelight, and knowing that more talented guys are travelling on no pay to work harder, I decided to put the celebs to the test in the same way that Pop Idol does with it’s contestants. Ie. Can the celebs make it in the real world, but this time in a legitimate submission match. My proposal was simple and remains so. The show’s tag line is “Bring It On” – and that’s exactly what I was doing, and am still doing. If the celebs are so tough, as their show suggests, lets see if they really love wrestling as they say they do, and see if they want to pursue it further.

So far, the celebs remain tight lipped. The UK Pitbulls however have responded to me with a challenge of their own. They were a part of the show and well deservedly so too. They were not anonymous; they put their money where their mouth was, as have I. Now firstly, accepting their challenge to a match, win lose or draw, would be an aside from my challenge because mine is aimed at the celebs. I’ve shown nothing but respect for the real wrestling contingent on the show.

But the UK Pitbulls, perhaps fighting the celebs battles for them, which only serves to prove my point further, have challenged me to a match in either singles or tag team action. The problem is, kicking these 2 guys asses would prove nothing. I have asked around, and couldn’t find anyone crazy enough to team with me (anyone on the forums interested?), so that would leave it as a singles match.

So, let me answer the challenge: I’d have no problem meeting one of you guys in the ring, and I know I could put your shoulders to the mat, but like I say, this would prove nothing. Why let the wrestlers fight the celebs battles? Even if I lost it wouldn’t discredit the points I have made at and in this column, and If I did beat you, it would hurt you guys professionally, and that’s the last thing I’d want to do. You guys stick to soaping Kate Lawler’s back, and I’ll keep on with my celebrity challenge.


Scott Future
The Wrestler The Celebrities Fear!