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FWA London Calling Preview By Stephen Ashfield


Alex Shane and Hade Vansen v Jack Xavier and Paul Travell

The two FWA heavyweight singles champions will team up for the first time in a year on Saturday, May 7 in the main event of FWA Live in Enfield – London Calling.

˜The Showstealer’ Alex Shane, FWA British Heavyweight Champion, and ˜The South City Thriller” Hade Vansen, FWA All-England Champion, have signed for a tag team battle against two men they know very well indeed.

It seems that holding the two most prestigious singles belts in British wrestling today is not enough for the Stealer and the Thriller. Recently, the playboy pairing have been crowing to anyone who will listen that they want tag team gold as well. Apparently the so-called ‘STD’ of British wrestling view their Enfield match with Travell and Xavier as the first step towards earning a shot at FWA Tag Team, Champions Hampton Court.

As for ‘The Righteous’ Paul Travell and Jack Xavier, they too are seeing this match as an opportunity to establish themselves as a potent threat in the tag team division. Although Jack and Paul are close friends, this is the first time they have teamed together in many years. But longtime followers of the FWA will know ‘The Brummie Bad Boy’ and ‘The Hardcore Icon’ were regular tag team partners way back during the formative years of the FWA.

One thing’s for sure, given Travel’s history with Alex Shane (who can forget the brutal Showswearers v The Family feud of 2003?) and Xavier’s history with both Shane and Vansen, their London Calling match will be nothing short of explosive – especially as whoever wins could find themselves in line for an FWA Tag Team Title shot.

Doug Williams v Spud
Doug Williams has challenged the dynamic high-flying Spud to this match, and never one to back down from a challenge, the youngster accepted.  There has been no reason forthcoming as to why Williams singled Spud out for treatment but then again, this isn’t the first time recently that ‘The Anarchist’ has behaved mysteriously.
We await for London Calling to see if ‘The Anarchist’ offers any explanation for his attack on ‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch at Crunch, when the former British Heavyweight Champion appears in front of the angry FWA fans for the first time since his inexplicable behaviour in Broxbourne.
Simmons v Dr Dirk Feelgood (with Nurse Stephanie Scope)
This will be the doctor’s first in-ring match since he was appointed as FWA Chief Medical Officer, and also Simmons’ first time back in an FWA ring after illness prevented him from competing on the last three main shows.  If Simmons comes through this singles match  and the upcoming FWA Celebrity Carnage Tour – unscathed, he and The Duke of Danger are expected to defend the FWA Tag Team Titles at Morecambe on Saturday, June 18.
As for Feelgood, he is said to be looking forward to giving the butler his own unique brand of medical diagnosis.  Judging by his behaviour towards Jack Xavier of late, Dirk does not seem to take kindly to those who defy doctor;s orders, as Simmons has by returning to the ring despite not being 100% healthy. 

Dr Dirk has also announced that London Calling will play host to the first ever installment of what he calls The Clinic.

Feelgood and Nurse Stephanie Scope plan to convert the Enfield ring into their own version of a doctor’s surgery on May 7….and this is scheduled to happen before his one-on-one match later on that evening with Simmons.
They are also actively searching for a special guest, or ‘patient’, to book in for an appointment at this, their first ever Clinic.  Dr Dirk then plans to interview this ‘patient’ in front of the fans.

Quite what Feelgood hopes to achieve from holding such a public surgery remains to be seen.  But it will be interesting to see who his first ‘patient’ turns out to be, and exactly what kind of diagnosis the doctor has in store

FWA Flyweight Title Tournament First Round Matches
London is Calling and opportunity is knocking for two of the hottest young Flyweight stars in the UK, who will take advantage of the FWA’s Open Door policy to get their chance in the First Round of the FWA Flyweight Tournament.
The first debutant is Bubblegum who will take on Aviv Maayan. A number of FWA scouts have filed impressive reports on Bubblegum, who has been making a name for himself in the Midlands and the north of England for several UK promotions.  This lightning-fast, high-flying wrestler will definitely test the FWA’s Red Dragon, who is bound to be hurting after his grueling battle with James Tighe at Crunch.
The second newcomer is Dan Head from the FWA Academy.  Dan Head was hand-picked as the opponent for one of the FWAs more experienced Flyweight wrestlers The ‘Little Dragon’ Ross Jordan
The two winners of these matches will advance to Saturday, June 18 at FWA Live in Morecambe, where they will meet in the second semi-final match – the winner of which will go on to face Spud in the final.


Tickets are on sale now for FWA Live in Enfield ‘London Calling – at the Southbury Leisure Centre, Enfield, on Saturday May 7.  Matches are as follows:
˜The Showstealer Alex Shane and The South City Thriller Hade Vansen v Jack Xavier and The Righteous Paul Travell
The Anarchist Doug Williams v Spud
Simmons v Dr Dirk Feelgood (with Nurse Stephanie Scope)
FWA Flyweight Title Tournament First Round Matches:
Aviv Maayan v Bubblegum
Dan Head v Ross Jordan

PLUS The First Ever Edition of THE CLINIC 
with Dr Dirk Feelgood and Nurse Stephanie Scope

AND The Enfield Raffle with Hardcoreâ John Atkins and special guest draw master Sanjay Bagga
Ticket prices for London Calling are as follows: Front Row is £15, £10 other. Doors 6.15pm.  Bell Time: 6.45pm. Approximate finish 9.30pm. Box office 07930 218 243.
Tickets are also available for this show through FWA On-Line Box Office on

[By Stephen Ashfield]