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ST: The year old Tenet

Well, amongst Celebrity Wrestling, TWOStars, money making work and my Wrestling career all taking up too much of my precious time to write recently, I guess now would be as good a time as any to mention that this will be around a year since the tenet was first conceived…

Well, amongst Celebrity Wrestling, TWOStars, money making work and my Wrestling career all taking up too much of my precious time to write recently, I guess now would be as good a time as any to mention that this will be around a year since the tenet was first conceived.

Yup, though the amount doesn’t justify the time spent I have steadily been posting my opinion to you for 12 months, you lucky, lucky person… er people!

I’ve spent a while looking back through what I have said over the year and I think that if you did the same, you would see the progression of a clueless trainee to a fairly confident worker over that time. Ok, there is a lot to go and a lot to learn about the business but I think that I have grown as a wrestler.

Though I feel that what I had said previously wasn’t fundamentally wrong, at best it had shades of idealism, as worst sheer naivety!

But you live and learn don’t you? I think if anything one of the strong messages that has come from my tenets is that things need time to grow and just because you see something one time in wrestling, doesn’t mean it’s going to be like that again.

I think the most important thing I have started to do is listen to other people and their opinions, it is very easy to have tunnel vision in wrestling as you seek one goal and go for it, not letting anything stand in your way. Fortunately in the British scene we can all step back and reflect on the things we have done and the matches we have performed and learn from them.

The fact that a lot of wrestlers don’t is by the by.

A wrestler has to do everything he or she can to promote themselves, if it’s a TV spot… do it… newspaper, do it, whatever. The thing that really bites is the person who then sits there and criticises people for doing it. Let’s face it, the only reason people are ever like that is because they are either jealous, or they wished they thought of it first.

That is why places like Wrestling101 and are important resources in finding British wrestling, you take a look at UKWorkers and it shows you a wrestler, it also lets you make the decision whether they look like a wrestler or a long streak of piss.

Actually, I would like UK workers to have a section for ring attire; therefore those who wrestle in trainers can immediately be rooted out and shot.

Ok, what’s wrong with trainers? I hear you ask.

Grip, grabs dirt and dirties a ring, it also prevents you from moving your ankles when you need to, when I started with training, I trained in trainers, 3 months later I was in wrestling boots simply because doing the powerslam hurt my ankles every time.

Support, Wrestling boots are designed to support your foot and ankle against the stresses of lifting and impact landing. You wrestle in trainers and you will end up with an injury.

Quality, you look like everyone else in trainers, you walk in with your boots you look like a wrestler, and it really is tried and tested. Wrestling boots really do make the man… er woman…you know what I mean.

We can’t all be John Cena, ‘nuff said on that!

UKWorkers is a valuable tool for promoters and fans alike, Dan, if you are reading this, I’d start thinking about taking donations on that little baby mate, no promotional material should be free!

I have been asked to comment on Scott Future’s endeavour against Celebrity wrestling. With the UK Pitbulls aside, it is a slick piece of self-promotion and Scott should only be congratulated with a capital G so to speak.

That is all I have to say about Celebrity wrestling as I cannot really sit there and talk about how ITV’s ruining UK wrestling, as UK wrestling is doing a damn fine job of ruining itself.

The one thing I have learnt overall about the UK Scene is that it is full of people who will dump on you in a second if they had the chance.

Wrestling isn’t an earnable vocation, as there are too many idiots out there who will undercut you in price. Fact is you get what you paid for, you pay nothing, you usually get nothing.

There are of course exceptions for this, talent swapping is a regular practice, where you do jobs for other companies for free and they do the same for you. Everyone wins, the wrestler gets his or her name about and the promotion has fresh talent to work with.

As I have been quite busy wrestling wise, I do get to speak to a lot of wrestlers, people I haven’t met before and it is good to get to wrestle these people, though sometimes a little painful.

However, it seems that there are a certain few names in wrestling who have been recognised as “Bad for the business” I won’t reveal them as it is within the business and I would be a fool to tattle out such gossip.

The problem is and I think everyone who knows about this can see that until the bad eggs are removed the UK Scene is going to get worse before it gets better.

But you know what? I love to wrestle and I will wrestle in front of 4 punters or 400. It’s being out there that matters, not anywhere else.

Well, it seems like I have managed to ramble again, but I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts over this past year. I have enjoyed writing them and taking part in all that TWO have to offer.

I’m hoping to interview MTX this week, so keep an eye out for that.

All the best,