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DDP Speaks on his TNA departure!

Diamond Dallas Page recently discussed his departure from TNA on his official website, DDP said

“I came to TNA with Hall and Nash to help TNA get the visibility to secure a wider audience. At this time, I believe they’re close to getting a major cable network and I wish them the best. I want to thank Dixie, Jeff, Jerry, Dusty, and the rest of the gang there are TNA. They were tremendous to work with and I wish them all the luck in the world. Dusty’s stepping down had nothing to do with me leaving… it was time to step away from wrestling for a while… I will still be doing the occasional house show just to keep my timing… As a matter of fact, I had a phenomenal time working with my mentor (Dusty) the entire time I was there. It made wrestling fun again. I like the part where they wrote that I was able to earn back a portion of my legacy and they were right. The fans were great there at TNA. All I know is that it’s been a great ride for me from… A to Z, but right now I have so many things happening. I have three movies that are in the pipeline that should happen by the end of the year… It’s positive … but it’s all Positive Bullsh*t till it happens.”