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UFC 53 weigh-ins

UFC 53: Weigh-in Results


Welterweight Bout (170 lbs)

Koji Oishi – 162 lbs Oishi looked really small compared to his opponent.

Nick Diaz – 171 lbs Diaz tipped the scales and loooked like a giant over Oishi


Middleweight Bout (185 lbs)

Charles McCarthy – 186 lbs ‘Chainsaw’ tipped the scales after a second weigh-in behind a towel

David Loiseau – 185 lbs ‘The Crow’ weighed in at the limit looking solid


Middleweight Bout (185 lbs)

Nate Quarry – 185 lbs ‘The Rock’ looked in good shape

Shonie Carter – 182 lbs ‘Mr. International’ weighed in a little light and looked more like a natural welterweight


Heavyweight Bout (265 lbs)

Kevin Jordan – 228 lbs Jordan was trim and a bit shorter than Buentello

Paul Buentello – 250 lbs Buentello was definitley the bigger guy


Light Heavyweight (205 lbs)

Bill Mahood – 204 lbs ‘Crazy’ looked in good shape under the limit

Forrest Griffin – 204 lbs Griffin looked trim considering his height advantage


Middleweight Championship (185 lbs)

Rich Franklin – 185 lbs ‘Ace’ was ripped at the limit, as expected

Evan Tanner – 186 lbs ‘The Champion’ tipped the scales in solid shape


Welterweight (Swing Bout) (170 lbs)

Matt Serra – 170 lbs ‘The Terra’ looked in good shape

Karo Parisyan – 169 lbs ‘The Heat’ weighed in fairly comfortable this time


Heavyweight Interim Championship (265 lbs)

Justin Eilers – 228 lbs Eilers looked confident and looked light once again

Andrei Arlovski – 241 lbs ‘The Pitbull’ looked relaxed and very confident


Noteworthy Occurances

Nick Diaz looked a weight class above Koji Oishi. Charles ‘Chainsaw’ McCarthy came in heavy on his debut in the octagon, but was allowed the pound by the NJACB (New Jersey Athletic Control board). Evan Tanner weighed in a pound over, but was given the nod by the NJACB. After a long break away from this weight class, the shorter Matt ‘The Terra’ Serra weighed in at 170 lbs, which made him heavier than Karo ‘The Heat’ Parisyan. Justin Eilers squared up to Andrei ‘The Pitbull’ Arlovski in their stare down showing no fear, while Arlovski appeared to be unimpressed.