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101 Reasons not to be a Pro Wrestler (press release)

 This is the big release week for the DVD titled, 101 Reasons not to be a Pro Wrestler.  The DVD is now officially on sale and ready for purchase.  Never before have so many pro wrestlers spoken out at the same time on issues and problems that are negatively effecting the pro wrestling industry.  Every wrestling fan and pro wrestler needs to watch this DVD to know the truth about the industry that we all love and worship.


Everybody from New Jack, Vampiro, Diamond Dallas Page, Tylene Buck, Predator from Zero-One and MMA fame, Joanie Laurer, Psicosis, Nozawa, Babi Slymm, Sean O’ Haire, Fatu (formerly known as Rikishi), Konnan and more are featured in this special DVD release.


If you haven’t yet watched the trailers for 101 Reasons not to be a Pro Wrestler, make sure you check them out at:


The DVD is currently on a limited release basis so make sure you order the 101 Reasons not to be a Pro Wrestler DVD at: