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High Flying Spectacular: Dragon Phoenix Makes His IPW:UK Return

One of the most impressive debuts in IPW:UK’s 9 month history is that of one Dragon Phoenix.  Coming in really only known to the Kent fans as one half of a tag team known as the Party Boys, Dragon Phoenix proceeded to wow fans after qualifying as the fifth entrant to the Best of British: High Flyers match, only to have his chance at victory snatched from him by his jealous tag partner, Jack Storm.

Now, after being away from the wrestling scene for 4 months, Dragon Phoenix is back.  He’s back with a problem, though.  Since his departure in January, a whole host of great flyers have debuted in IPW:UK.  People such as El Ligero, Spud, Tony Sefton, Paul Robinson and Ashley Reed are all now above Phoenix in the pecking order.  In order to gain a revenge match against Jack Storm (something which is high on a lot of IPW:UK wrestlers’ Christmas list currently), Pheonix must first prove himself against one of the five just mentioned.

As such, IPW matchmakers have paired Dragon Phoenix off against the cocky Ashley Reed.  Reed, who made his debut at Best of British 2, was strong in his match-up against Paul Robinson and El Ligero.  With Robinson unable to attend the Weekend of Champions, and with El Ligero already involved in the Tag Tournament on day 1, Reed was by far the most natural choice to face Phoenix.  If there was ever a potential show-stealing match, this is it!

Harry ‘Bulldog’ Smith To Come To IPW:UK For The “Weekend of Champions”

» In his UK debut, the son of the late great Davey Boy Smith – The British Bulldog, Harry Smith will come to IPW:UK this July.  At the tender age of just 18, Smith has already competed across the Globe, recently making his first foray into Japan and having dark matches with the WWE. He hasn’t, however, made his competitive debut in England.  But, come July 16th, he will have.  Teaming together with Andy Boy Simmonz, Smith will look to continue the family’s strong tag team history this side of the pond, after previously holding tag straps in Canada with fellow “Stampede Bulldog” TJ Wilson.

Tickets to this spectacular double head “Weekend of Champions” are now on sale by either calling the Kent box office on 07780 677007, or heading over to and clicking on “Tickets”.

Other News:

— After being signed to face each other earlier on the show, both Ashley Reed & Dragon Phoenix have both put their names down for the Battle Rumble for #1 contendership to the IPW:UK Title.

— As mentioned earlier today, Martin Stone and the debuting duo of ‘Project Future’ (Bobby Hostile and Ricardo Young) have all been added to the “New Territory” card for July 23rd, as IPW:UK debut in Essex.  More details on the official website.

— A big, bruising European tag team have been signed to face the ‘Lucha’s’ on day one of the tag team tournament.  This team will be announced later on in the week.

— Both the Return of the Dragon and the Best of British 2 DVD’s are now just awaiting commentary to be added to them before they can be shipped.  We apologise once again for the delay in shipping both shows, but this should be rectified very shortly.

Therefore the current cards for the “Weekend of Champions” stand as:


  • The First Ever IPW:UK Title Match
    ‘The Enforcer’ Martin Stone (w/ Charming Don Charles) vs. ‘New Superstar’ Stevie Douglas (w/ Shadow)
  • #1 Contendership Battle Rumble
    Featuring: Aviv Maayan, Jake, Andy Boy Simmonz, The Chav Army (Flaming Red, Battalion, Peter Nixon, Smokey, Bandit), Chasyn Rance, El Ligero, Tony ‘Superstar’ Sefton, Jack Storm, Dave Morales, Spud, Ashley Reed, Dragon Phoenix & more!
  • Tag Team Tournament: Round 1
  • Harry ‘Bulldog’ Smith & Andy Boy Simmonz vs. ???
  • The Chav Army (Flaming Red/Battalion) vs. Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch
  • Ashe & Kris Linnell vs. Team Charming (Jack Storm & Dave Morales)
  • The Lucha’s (El Ligero & Senior Derbirito) vs. TBA This Week!
  • High Flying Mayhem
    The Returning Dragon Phoenix vs. Ashley Reed


  • Tag Team Tournament Semi-Finals
  • Winner #1 vs. Winner #2
  • Winner #3 vs. Winner #4
  • IPW:UK Tag Title Match: Tag Team Tournament Final
  • Winner #1 OR 2 vs. Winner #3 OR 4
  • ‘Indy Sensation’ Chasyn Rance vs. ???

Plus Harry ‘Bulldog’ Smith, ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm, ‘Enforcer’ Martin Stone, Jake, Andy Boy Simmonz, Tony ‘Superstar’ Sefton, Aviv Maayan ‘New Superstar’ Stevie Douglas (w/ Shadow) & much more.

** All matches subject to change, based on withdrawal or additional matches via #1 contendership and the IPW Tag Team tournament.

AND – a UK fan convention featuring three matches (currently announced – The Kartel!)

— IPW:UK presents the “Weekend of Champions”, Saturday July 16th 2005 & Sunday July 17th 2005, at Orpington Halls, Orpington High Street, Orpington, Kent, England. For Saturday, doors 6:00pm, show starts 6.30pm. For Sunday, doors 4:00pm, show starts 4.30pm. Ticket information pending confirmation. For more information about IPW:UK, visit or e-mail Daniel Edler: