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New "Major" Wrestling Promotion

The following is a press release from the NWA Ohio owner;

June 21, 2005

Today the NWA Ohio group announces the formation of the WORLD WRESTLING ASSOCIATION, A new wrestling federation and LLC Company. The new federation will mix the young stars of tomorrow with the superstars of today, and include many of the legends of wrestling that have made the sport great. WWA shows will be a MIX of many different wrestling styles and be suitable for fans of all ages.

The World Wrestling Association will be based out of Columbus Ohio, and Orlando, Florida. Plans for the future include local television broadcasts of our wrestling events around the country, pay per view events, house shows, and a national network television deal.

In October, we will be producing a major pay per view where members of the Board of Directors and other details will be released officially. In the short term, more announcements will be made via our website, live shows, and TV broadcasts.

The goal of the WWA is to give wrestling fans a real choice. Our live shows and TV programming will draw fans young and old to the sport. Young talent and big stars will work together with legends and the best production team around to change the wrestling world forever!

We want to thank the many supporters that come to our shows and buy our merchandise, and for the thousands of e-mails we receive weekly. We are not turning our back on the NWA, just developing another way to bring wrestling to the mainstream and increase the fan base for all wrestling promotions. Originally, we thought that purchasing TNA would be the way to the future. Since the deal did not go forward, we are happy for the opportunity to build a new federation from scratch. TNA is a great organization and we wish them all the best.

NWA Ohio will continue on in the future. When the WWA officially begins, we will retire the name but continue to be affiliated with the NWA in many ways. The history and tradition of NWA wrestling will always be a part of our company and we are grateful to be a part of this world class organization.

We wish TNA and the NWA the best of luck in the future and will continue to work with both organizations for the benefit of the sport. We look to the next few months with excitement for all fans and wrestlers!

Official Press Release
World Wrestling Association Corp. Office