The Three Count

T3C: WWE Vengeance 2005 Preview

Does Vince still think it’s Wrestlemania? A Raw Only PPV is in danger of being one of the best PPV’s of the year, but will it end in yet another title reign for Triple H?


It’s just a couple of months after Wrestlemania 21 but WWE have managed to produce a PPV, that on paper, is almost as good as that massive card. Some big feuds mixed in with some arrivals from Smackdown have created a card that is greatly anticipated.

WWE is really confusing at the moment which isn’t a bad thing. Who wants predictability in wrestling? There’s been far too much of that in recent years but at present it’s very hard to predict just what is going to happen in the company over the coming months. I’ll give the draft lottery a few mentions as I preview the event, that’s for sure.

World Heavyweight Title: Hell in a Cell Batista v Triple H

Let’s get one fact out the way shall we? I’m not a great fan of Hell in a Cell matches. At the end of the day it’s just a cage match with a bit of room left between the ring and the steel cage. If there’s no big bumps like in the Undertaker and Foley matches, it’s pretty much the same as any other match. Both wrestlers bleed a lot and Triple H uses a sledgehammer.

Onto the match and what does it hold for Batista and Triple H? If Batista wins it gives him a great push and he can go onto feud with Kurt Angle. If he loses, that’s the big push over and Angle will probably take his place. As for Triple H? Can he really lose to Batista three times in a row? If he does, then I can see him going to Smackdown to cause some havoc over there. Actually I think he’s heading that way anyway with or without the title. The fact he got the pin over Batista on Raw this week and hasn’t lost a Hell in a Cell match tends to point to a Batista victory this Sunday. But like I said, WWE isn’t very predictable at the moment. If Batista does win, will he stay on Raw? A lot depends on what happens to Cena and the WWE Title. I go for a Batista win here.

WWE Title: John Cena v Jericho v Christian

So two wrestlers who aren’t exactly main eventers get a crack at the WWE Title on a PPV. Get the feeling that the World Heavyweight title is the most important title in the company?

I was a bit surprised at Cena coming to Raw but it does make some sense. He didn’t have a programmed opponent on Smackdown and they haven’t got a PPV this month, so he can have a month’s holiday on Raw before a decision is made whether he stays there or not. I’m not sure what will happen, I’m just waiting to see who else gets traded to Smackdown, once the words Batista or Triple H come out of Teddy’s mouth, then things will get interesting.

Of course they could screw Cena out of his title and let Christian or Jericho go to Smackdown. Carlito moved to Raw this week, so what happens to his chat show? Can that exist on the same show as Jericho’s Highlight Reel? Something tells me Jericho is on his way to Smackdown but will he have a WWE title belt? I go for Cena to retain as he has way too much momentum at the moment.

IC Title: Carlito v Shelton Benjamin

The moment they start talking about long title reigns, you just know it’s going to end soon. When it became apparent that Benjamin would be defending his title against the newest draft pick, two names entered my head; his ex-tag partner Charlie Haas and Carlito. What a difference a week makes eh? One minute Carlito is being embarrassed by Booker T and the Big Show, the next he’s IC Champion. Why set up that situation with Booker T if he was going to be drafted? I’m still not totally convinced by Carlito and the title is far better in the hands of Benjamin. Unless Shelton is going to get a big push I see him getting the belt back this Sunday.

Kurt Angle v Shawn Michaels

As soon as Angle arrived on Raw I knew Michaels wouldn’t be far behind. This is bound to be the match of the night and hardly needs a build-up or a write-up. Again it’s back to the draft, part of me would like to see Michaels on Smackdown for some fresh matches. OK he can meet Angle and Carlito on Raw now but I think he needs a change of scenery. Who wins here? I go for Angle to get another win but in dodgy circumstances. If he loses what’s the point in putting him on Raw as his push disappears inside a week.

Kane v Edge

So no honeymoon for Edge after what happened on Raw this Monday. Heaven knows what Matt Hardy made of all that, using his music to make fans think he was returning was a low blow, Edge’s statement afterwards was even lower. Kane seems to be returning to his mad character and that’s good for Raw I think. A bit illogical though that we cheer him for attacking a vicar! This should be reasonably hardcore I imagine and I should think Edge will get another tainted victory.

Christy Hemme v Victoria

Watch out Christy, pretty soon a new Diva Search winner will be crowned and your year of glory will be over. I’m sure she’ll stay on Raw though and perhaps feud with whoever wins this year’s competition. It’s good to see Victoria back as a heel, she’s far better as a crazy bitch. The women’s division is terrible at the moment while Trish is out injured. Don’t be surprised if she appears at this PPV to somehow help Christy beat Victoria and set up some triple threat matches for the title. I go for a Christy win.

It looks a great card, again I imagine the tag titles will be fought for on Heat and the boring Viscera storyline will continue somehow, another wedding perhaps? Enjoy the PPV.

Stephen Ashfield