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TNA: Jeff Jarrett Interview

Between the Ropes radio recently did a interview with former NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett, in the interview Jarrett talked about a TNA TV deal, TNA’s Future and much more. Below are some extracts from the interview.

“Jeff mentioned that there are a lot of exciting things related to the company in the future. In the next four to eight weeks, there will be a series of announcements to be made about the company. They got into the business for the long haul. He is the third generation in his family to be involved in the business so they are not going to rush things. They want to align themselves with great partners. All options have been weighed and the right time has been determined. They have been building on the international deals. While people talk about how Impact was on in the U.S. for about a year, they have been on television internationally longer than with Impact”

“ The plans for the company are to take things to the next level for television distribution. They would love to take the product on the road, and that is the next step. He mentioned that there are problems with the WWE with domestic house shows and they have been around for forty years. The U.S. live event market is soft overall so it might not be good business sense to tour at this time. He talked about how the WWE is doing a lot of shows overseas. There have been some promoters who have wanted to bring TNA wrestling overseas, but the cost is enormous. There are the television costs with more than 100 people doing production. It has to be cost effective to do it.”

The full interview can be read here

– Its thought that if TNA do get a deal with Spike TV then they will get a 10pm time slot on a Saturday night. Although noting has been confirmed, many people within TNA are optimistic about the company’s future as they believe PAND Energy and The Carter family are with TNA for the long haul.