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WWE: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Cuts backs & More

Stone Cold Steve Austin has given an interview with The Sun newspaper in the UK, covering all sorts of topics. In the interview, Austin talks about the WWE, Hulk Hogan, Bill Goldberg and much more, below are some extracts from the interview with Austin talking about Hogan

“I’d be happy to get it on with Hulk Hogan. I’ve heard what he’s been saying – and that match is something that could definitely happen”

“If they can build it right, the money is right, the event is right and if the story can be told correctly then, yeah, I will fight him.

“I’ve never wrestled the guy before and I think it would be an important match.

“Because it would be the two biggest draws in the history of the wrestling business one-on-one for the first time ever.”

The interview can be found here

– WWE are expected to make many more cost-cutting measures before they move to the USA Network in October. It’s expected that WWE’s move to the USA Network will lose them approximately $10 million in revenue as the USA Network will have full control of the WWE’s advertising revenue, whereas their current deal with Spike TV sees WWE get a percentage of the revenue. WWE has already cut 11 office staff this week, as well as announcer Marc Loyd who worked on the WWE’s syndicated TV Shows.

The WWE has now put up a website for the Great American Bash PPV in July, the website features past results dating back from 1985 – 2004, plus photos and much more. The website can be found here: