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UK Scene #180

Welcome one and all to the 180th edition of the UK Scene. With Adam Sibley venturing outside his house and finding the sun so addictive, W101 has enlisted someone who will probably never leave his computer this side of 2050 to co-write with Saracen on an alternating schedule in order to bring to you the latest in news and views from the UK wrestling scene (I know, I know, “The UK has a wrestling scene?”). So sit back and enjoy…

Welcome one and all to the 180th edition of the UK Scene. With Adam Sibley venturing outside his house and finding the sun so addictive, W101 has enlisted someone who will probably never leave his computer this side of 2050 to co-write with Saracen on an alternating schedule in order to bring to you the latest in news and views from the UK wrestling scene (I know, I know, “The UK has a wrestling scene?”). So sit back and enjoy.

First off on the list of things to cover is the Universal Uproar show at the Coventry Skydome on November 12th. With Matt Hardy and AJ Styles signed up and ready to go, the website ( announced that Mick Foley, Rhyno and James Gibson are now on board to be a part of the show. Foley, the ever-lovable “Hardcore Legend” will be making another non-wrestling appearance as he did at International Showdown earlier in the year. Rhyno, or Rhino as he will be billed (back to his ECW roots) will be making his first UK appearance since being fired by the WWE. James Gibson, better known as Jamie Noble, is in the same boat, making these two names even more exciting for UK fans. Already, the Supershow is looking towards bringing fresh stars to this side of the pond, as well as bringing back two of the most popular superstars in America today. Tickets are on sale both on the website and through the Skydome box office on 02476 630 693.

Another supershow that has received a lot of attention recently is the October 1PW show up in Doncaster. Somehow, I can’t bring myself to be as optimistic about this show as I am for the Uproar show, but stranger things have happened. Once again, Matt Hardy is scheduled to be on the show, and it would be a major coup if he is. Unfortunately, and this concerns both companies, there have been a lot of rumours suggesting that Matt Hardy may be resigned to the WWE before these shows take place. If that were to happen, I somehow don’t expect the WWE to allow him to work those dates, unless he’s brought in on a short term deal. When WWE signed Scott Steiner despite his dates with WWA still upcoming, they offered The Godfather as a replacement. Yes, The GODFATHER. They didn’t even send him along, by the way. So we shall have to wait and see on that one.

However, moving back on topic, 1PW have gone ahead and announced even more names for the show. Alongside Matt will be Al Snow (I’ll wait and see if they pull that one off), Steve Corino (defending his AWA title) and The Blue Meanie, as well as the names mentioned a few editions ago in Raven, Abyss, The Sandman, Austin Aries and Chris Sabin. Tickets are on sale on 01302 367525 or at, but Gold Ringside tickets are sold out, and Gold Standard are close to a sell out, so get your tickets quickly if you want to be a part of the show. Personally, I’m more inclined to check Universal Uproar out, with the London Expo team behind it, as well as Alex Shane and the Daily Star. Hopefully, both shows will be a success though, as it can only benefit wrestling in the long run, at least over here.

Away from the supershows and onto the regular circuit now, and we start with everyones favourite promotion, FWA. Ok, fake enthusiasm on my part, but it looks like the group are starting to get their heads together. Last week, a statement was made on the website from management, issuing a mission statement of sorts. Said write-up can be found here and it makes for an interesting read. Unfortunately, the group suffered a blow at the hands of Alex Shane, who doesn’t look like he will be wrestling at the Vendetta show due to injury. Losing a big star like Shane will not bode well for the group, but hopefully it will only be a short-term recovery process for The Showstealer. I’m not the guys biggest fan but he is the top guy in the FWA, and they cannot really afford to be without him at this time. Speaking of Vendetta, the show is tonight (and will probably be over by the time you read this) and will see such matches as ‘The Phoenix’ Jody Fleisch and ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm vs James Tighe and Mark ‘Five Star’ Belton, as well as a Battle Royale for the #1 contendership spot and ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson vs Zebra Kid. Head over to for all the up-to-date news and results.

Midlands promotion FCW have a busy month ahead of them. Fresh off the returns of Dragon Phoenix, Celt Kennedy and Jonny Storm to the FCW ring, Colt Cobana will be making his return at Crash Landing at the Saddlers Club in Walsall on July 29th. The US Indy sensation wowed everyone with his humour and talent, and was embraced by the fans and wrestlers alike. His return also marks the return of the Cabana Raffle, and if you even have to ask what that is, I can only tell you to get your butt down there to see for yourself. Only one match has been announced so far in Celt Kennedy and FCW Champion Rob Hunter up against The Bouncer and A-Star Athlete, but more will be announced soon, and will be the place to find them. Two days later, FCW returns to Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre in Lower Gornal for Under Siege, with Celt Kennedy and The Bouncer in singles competition. Again, expect more details to be released shortly.

MEW, or Main Event Wrestling, is a new promotion starting up in Newcastle with their first show, Northern Bash on October 2nd. With WZW going quiet recently, the North is going to receive a strong push thanks to Raven, Joe E. Legend, Doug Williams, Steve Corino and more. Optimistic thinking backs this group, and we will soon see if it pays off. So far, I’ve only been able to dig up information on Doug Williams taking on Austin Aries, but I haven’t been able to find out anything more. If anyone else has any more information on this promotion, feel free to e-mail me and I’ll be happy to fill in any gaps in future updates.

RBW have set up a new training facility in Plaistow, East London, moving away from the Enfield area. RBW are another promotion who haven’t made much noise as of late, a definite change in the wind for a promotion who were once on many peoples lips. Johnny Kidd and Jorge Castano will take up the training duties alongside others, and you will be able to learn pro wrestling or even amateur wrestling (a skill that might seem boring but is vastly underrated and a benefit to have) and you can drop an e-mail at [] for more information.

The Wrestling Channel have jumped on board the IWW train and Whiplash TV seems to be getting positive feedback all across the board. With an absence of up-to-date FWA footage, TWC are looking out for other promotions to feature, and IWW (only a stones throw away from their HQ) seems to be at the forefront. Personally, I’m not going to complain. I find IWW to be a breath of fresh air on the channel, and anything that promotes British wrestling in a positive light (*cough*NotCelebrityWrestling) is a plus. Be sure to check your Sky listings for when to catch IWW every week on Channel 427 (Sky Digital).

Congratulations to Jonny Storm and Robbie Brookside who will be representing our side of the pond in the IWA Ted Petty Invitational in late September. This marks what seems to be the first time in a while that Brookside will be making a much-publicised trip to the States, and I feel that he can make a strong impression along the likes of Chris Hero, who can work a similar style to the veteran. Many people find old-school British workers to be unique in their style and therefore hard to work with outside of the country. The TNA World X-Cup was somewhat proof of this, but Brookside isn’t with just anyone. He’s with some of the best Independent workers in the world, and he himself isn’t exactly a Kriss Sprules (OMGinsiderjoke). Storm is well-adapted to the US style as well as his traditional British roots, and will make an impact, I assure you. Good luck to both men out there, and let’s make the Americans want more of what we can offer.

Finally (I know, I haven’t covered half as many promotions as I could have done, but research isn’t exactly a walk in the park, despite its necessity) IPW:UK present Weekend Of Champions on July 16th and 17th. As well as a UK Fans Convention, both nights will see some quality cards from a promotion that, at least in my opinion, have come along leaps and bounds considering many (including myself) wrote them off at the very start. July 16th will see a new IPW:UK champion crowned as Martin Stone takes on Stevie Douglas. Also, Jonny Storm and Jodie Fleisch will team up to face The Chav Army. On July 17th, new tag team champions will be crowned through a tournament commencing the night before. The weekend looks to be one you can’t afford to miss, but at £20 for both nights (general admission) or £15 for just the one, it may turn out to be simply a show you can’t afford. Still, with the added addition of a convention as well as new champions and what could be a make or break weekend of shows for the group, it will be well worth your time and money to go and see what IPW has to offer.

Well, that’s all from me. Saracen will be back next week, hopefully with more news and views, and maybe even an update on his own stomping grounds: K-Star. Anyone wishing to send me news on forthcoming events or recent results can drop me an e-mail. I would love to cover more promotions, as well as reviewing videos and shows for the site, so drop me a line and I will happily do my best to cater to as many promotions as possible. With that in mind, thanks for reading, and enjoy Saracen’s presence next week. I myself will see you all in two weeks, so take care and have a good one.

Mitchell Jones