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UK Scene #181

Welcome to the One Hundred and Eighty First edition of the UK scene, my inbox has become much more popular recently, we have a few things to look over and discuss…

Welcome to the One Hundred and Eighty First edition of the UK scene, my inbox has become much more popular recently, we have a few things to look over and discuss.

First thing I had in my inbox was a note about a charity Wrestling event, the poster states that it is being run by Cancer Research UK!!! CRUK have also stated on their poster that it features the biggest wrestling names in British Wrestling from Sky TV.

As it is for a good cause…you can see the poster here. Stars include Mark Sloan, Ollie Burns, Bobby Hostile, Ricardo Young, Stevie Lynn, Chris Whitton, Kid Richie, El Ligerio and Paul Robinson.

Lots of Sky TV names there then…

Speaking of which, it seems that Al Snow is going to be taking on Steve Corino for the AWA title for 1PW’s Supercard show. I think my colleague has succinctly put the anticipation of the UK Scene for this super show, apparently “The anticipation for our debut show, “A Twist Of Fate”, on October 1st in Doncaster, UK, is now reaching incredible levels.” and “This, in addition to one of the most compelling line ups for a UK show ever, is making 1PW most people’s pick to become the hottest thing in UK wrestling in 2006.

Now now guys, let’s not walk before we can run here, yeah there is a lot of respect for what you are doing and I hope it goes well for you, but this kind of thing has happened so many times before and ended up on its arse with British fans out of pocket and without a wrestling show.

Maybe I am being harsh about it, but in the line up are some of the stalwarts of British Wrestling who seem to be added as an after thought to the American wrestlers, just to keep the tag of British wrestling.

Well, I wish them all the best and hope they do well and hope they know the UK Scene is going to be cynical about it.

It seems at the moment, at least to my eyes that the wrestling scene is rebuilding itself and the main growth is occurring in the East of the country. WAW have been putting on some decent shows for a while now, so it is nice to have an email drop in my inbox about what they are up to, so if you are anywhere near the Atlantis Arena in Great Yarmouth on July 25th, I strongly suggest that you take a look at this company. Take a look at for more information. Real British legends and real British Wrestling.

MPW’s Majik and Mad Mike were scheduled to be on Jimmy Frank’s Show on the 13th July talking about the Wrestling scene and MPW. Nice one lads, I also hope their show on the 15th went well also. If you are an MPW fan then they will appear in Coventry on 13th August.

If you are near Chingford in London and are a Drew McDonald fan, then pop down to RBW’s event on 23rd July as he will be appearing against Eamon O’Neill. It is also nice to see that London’s wrestling has been in no way affected by the recent events!

HCW-UK have announced a summer spectacular in Tewksbury, with wrestling a plenty outdoors and free admission, which is always good, featuring a U.S. vs U.K. tournament, this is to take place on 31st July at the Northway Arms. The show will feature Jonny the body who has been seen on BBC, ITV, E4 and FIVE promoting UK Wrestling.

PWF are in Worthing Assembly Hall on the 21st July, I could be wrong but I think I went to see these guys in Dudley and it was a very well run show. The Worthing show begins a weekly summer schedule as well as dates in Weston-Super-Mare and Gosport. They do feature a lot of the established names in British wrestling so are always worth a look.

FWA are worryingly quiet at the moment, the last official word from the FWA website is that Alex Shane had slipped a disc in his back and that was on the 8th July. Hopefully Mitch will have some more news for you next week!

Well that’s all from me this week, Mitchell is back next week with more fun, frolics, supercards and maybe even some wrestling news!

All the best