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Various: Charlie Haas, WWE taking legal action with TNA?

– Its thought that WWE have threatened legal action against TNA for use of the name “The Outlaw”. Monty Sopp who wrestled under the name of “Badd Ass” Billy Gunn & Mr Ass in the WWE had been using the name “The Outlaw” since arriving in TNA earlier this year, however it seems the WWE think it is to similar to “The New Age Outlaws” tag team name of which Sopp competed in in with BG James. Its thought that from the “No Surrender” Pay-Per-View Sopp will no longer be called “The Outlaw”.

– Charlie Haas has spoken out in his first in depth interview since being fired from the WWE last week. In the interview Haas touches on all subjects, from the WWE Creative team, TNA, Paul Heyman, Jim Cornette and much more.

Here are some highlights from the interview credit to  and

“Barbie asks if WWE advised him to stay clear of TNA. Charlie says the WWE legal department told him he cant go to TNA for 90 days. But he can work anywhere else in the country or overseas. Charlie would love the opportunity to work for TNA. Bringing up they put more focus on in ring wrestling. Charlie says it would take him time to get used to the 6 sided ring. He likes the TNA talent, and would love to work a program with AJ Styles. He says he’s a fan of TNA, and just a fan of all wrestling.”

“Barbie asks if any of the WWE writers are from wrestling or are all Hollywood writers. Charlie says only Michael Hayes has been in wrestling. He puts over Brian Gewirtz for having a track record with guys like Kurt and the Rock. Charlie says back in the day when guys retired they would become the guys who wrote and booked. “

– On the subject of Charlie Haas, he made his in in ring return since being fired from the WWE this weekend, appearing at an Jersey All Pro Wrestling event .