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UK Scene #182

It’s the 182nd edition of the UK Scene and in celebration, I’ve brought cake… actually, no I haven’t. But I HAVE brought some news and views from around the country, so come on in and join the fun with myself, Mitchell Jones…

It’s the 182nd edition of the UK Scene and in celebration, I’ve brought cake… actually, no I haven’t. But I HAVE brought some news and views from around the country, so come on in and join the fun with myself, Mitchell Jones.

Ok, with that out of the way, let’s delve straight into the world of the FWA. Fresh off Vendetta, FWA is presenting the Summer Classic Tour featuring “Classic” Colt Cabana (geddit??? Ho ho ho how clever). The tour will hit Morecombe at the Morecombe Dome on July 30th. One day later, the tour will hit Enfield at the Southbury Leisure Centre and will feature a Round Robin tournament with Cabana, Spud, Jodie Fleisch and Jonny Storm. To check out more on this, head over to and hopefully the site will be updated regularly with the latest on cards, news, and so on and so forth.

The FCW promotion in the Midlands will hit it’s usual Baggeridge venue for Under Seige on July 31st with the FCW championship on the line as Rob Hunter defends against quite possibly the most over guy FCW has, A-Star Athlete. On a personal level, I’m really happy for the guy. He works hard to entertain people but always seemed just a little nervy sometimes. The fact that he’s not only stepped up but exceeding expectations in his new spot is a testament to the unnoticed hard work of himself and others all over the country. Also at the show, Pippa L’vinn and Shelby Beach will go one-on-one as the fed continues to look into developing a strong female contingent at future shows if the interest is there. It’s great to see new things in FCW and is your spot for the latest on all forthcoming activity.

Nu-English Wrestling, or NEW, promote their first show in Scunthorpe on July 27th with Colt Cabana, Ross Jordan, Ricky Knight and many more scheduled to appear. Tickets are priced quite steeply at £15 and it is an Over 18s night only as the show is being held at “Club 2000” (yes, 5 years too late I know). is your website hook-up, and it’s worth checking out. Unfortunately, one advertised wrestler may not be appearing. Well actually, two. Jack Hazard definitely will not be on the show. And the other wrestler?

It emerged this week that Roy Bevis, aka The Zebra Kid, is facing jail time for brandishing a knife in a pub after getting drunk and throwing a bottle across the room which hit someone on the head. This isn’t Bevis’ first run-in with the law, and it is a shame that his out-of-ring exploits often overshadow the fact that he is a solid worker and an asset to the scene when between the ropes. I do not wish to comment on Bevis or his family on a personal level because it’s not my place to do so. But I will say that it certainly doesn’t look good from any angle for ZK. He is being allowed to work a few overseas dates, but I have seen nothing concerning his dates in this country.

There were a number of shows held this past Saturday on July 23rd. In a quick results round-up:

BRAWL Wrestling

  • Black Widow beat El Mistique

  • CPK beat The Player

  • Bad Attitude beat Bull Harley & Samson

  • MTX beat Fury

  • Hade Vansen beat Mage

  • Ross Jordan beat Lucian

  • Spatch & Titan beat The Murderers (Nighthawk & Mage)

IPW:UK New Territory

  • Bobby Hostile & Riccardo Young fight to a NC (tied 1-1)

  • Tony ‘Superstar’ Sefton over Ashley Reed

  • Chasyn Rance over The Kartel’s Terry Frazier

  • Chasyn Rance over The Kartel’s Sha Samuels

  • No DQ/Countout: Battalion over Jake

  • IPW:UK Title Match: Martin Stone over Ashe

GPW Saturday Night Showdown

  • The Model Danny Hope beat Paddy D

  • Elroy Doogle beat The Liver Bird

  • El Ligero beat JC Thunder

  • Damon Leigh beat Ruffneck

  • Krev beat C-Juice, The Dragon Sean Maclane and Scotty Hexx

  • The S.I.N. team beat TJ Cain and Dirk Feelgood

Finally, it’s supershow time, and 1PW have hit a home run with Tracy Smothers signed up to face The Blue Meanie. Smothers has shot to internet stardom through his challenge to that big bad nasty bully JBL, and is upset that The Blue Meanie took a pay cheque from the WWE anyway. Well, that’s how the story goes, anyway. Still, it’s cashing in on something, and cashing in on something is better than not cashing in on something I guess. Also, as predicted just two weeks ago, Matt Hardy did indeed return to the WWE. However, he will be appearing at the show still, and will be facing Abyss as planned (wow, a WWE v TNA match in the UK – as historic as that may be, I can’t see it happening in that format). Stay tuned to for updates as they happen. No real new news from Universal Uproar, so I guess I should just leave you to wander through just in case something does pop up.

Speaking of popping up, my dear Saracen will be popping up next week to guide you through the bumps and bruises of the UK scene as the countdown to the supershows continues. So take care, have fun, and I’ll see you in two weeks.

Mitchell Jones