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UK Scene #183

I am Writing UK Scene 183 a bit early this week on a busy wrestling schedule this weekend, so I apologise if I have missed something in the time I have been away, that’s life I’m afraid… anyhoo!

I am Writing UK Scene 183 a bit early this week on a busy wrestling schedule this weekend, so I apologise if I have missed something in the time I have been away, that’s life I’m afraid… anyhoo!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome Develish Angel to the UKS team, welcome hun! She’s working on the News section and is doing a fine job of it!

I’ll begin with the news that Universal Uproar will begin with a wrestling expo that offers the following:

* Extensive Q and As with stars of Universal Uproar
* A wrestling exhibition
* A wrestling auction with stars auctioning off their exclusive items such as championship belts, old ring gear etc
* A World of Sport exhibition
* Autograph signing tables featuring all the stars of Uproar
* The biggest selection of wrestling merchandise vendors ever assembled in the UK
* Wrestling video games tournament
* Fan promo competition
* Wrestler fancy dress contest
* Rare Merchandise stands

The price of admission is £9 for standard or a £15 early entry ticket which allows you in to the Expo 30 minutes early and enables you to ‘queue jump’ for signing tables. These £15 tickets are limited so you are advised to book fast.

What with Glastonbury having stupidly high walls and tight security and now being charge £15 to cue jump, all the fun is being taken from blagging!

Oh, and they neglected to mention a start time, so your guess is as good as mine!

There seems to be no further news from the 1PW camp since Mitchell took a look at them last week, so I took a look at their website to see what information I could glean about the promotion and this is what I have found so far:

As the sister company of 1UP Games, 1 Pro Wrestling Promotions Ltd (1PW) aim to revolutionise the UK wrestling industry.
Born in early 2005, 1PW pride ourselves on bringing to the United Kingdom and Ireland wrestlers who fans would rarely, if ever, get a chance to see live and in person. Wrestlers fans around the UK will get the opportunity to see stars from World Wrestling Entertainment, TNA, Ring of Honor and other US based promotions, while also getting a first hand look at some of the UK’s finest talent

1UP Games is a large supplier of wrestling toys and replicas, so I am fairly confident that the toy company is funding the show, though I think I know who’s dealing with the merchandising side of things.

Ok, I know, I am such an awful cynic, seriously, I hope it goes well and they can continue their promise of showing off British talent, even one match could hook a potential fan!

Unfortunately, this week seems a little sparse on ground, it usually goes like this at the beginning of a month, especially so holiday ridden as August, even old Sazza is taking a Summer break this year!

PWF are continuing their summer season with Weston Super Mare on the 2nd August and their regular show in Worthing on the 4th. As it turns out, I didn’t see this company in Dudley, so apologies for that!

I was a little curious about HEW, who seemed to turn up out of the blue, I’m not surprised though, as this seems to be only their second show, however, I noticed that they have some solid workers on their roster, take a look at their site ( if you don’t believe me.

The event will take place on Saturday August the 6th at the Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall, Takeley, Bishops Stortford, Herts.

With 6 matches announced:

  • Bash V Ricky Knight in a Streetfight
  • The Team of Jack Storm and Ross Jordan V The UK Pitbulls
  • “Classic” Colt Cabana’s Open Challenge
  • Jetta vs Sweet Saraya
  • “Purely Delicous” Mike Rose vs Sammy Ray
  • Ashe vs Phil Powers

Certainly promises to be an exciting show!

Speaking of turning up out of the blue is the rather Adult-certificate-named Total Brutality Wrestling or TBW which is making a challenge to the Black Country region with a show at Featherstone & Hilton Community Centre, Baneberry Drive, Featherstone, Wolverhampton, WV10 7TR on the 7th August!

I noticed old mate and local boy Danny Devine is on the TBW roster, but not on the currently announced card, those who don’t know Danny’s hard work on should take a look as he works hard for the UK Scene. I also noticed that Marcus Kool is on the roster too, I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on many occasions and the guy is brilliant at what he does!

There are in fact quite a few people in TBW that I have either worked with or alongside and from my perspective audiences cannot go wrong for £8 or a Fiver for kids, though to be fair, Total Brutality Wrestling is not a company name I would want to take my kid to!

Teens, this might be just what you are looking for!

MPW will be in Leicester on the 5th August and local boy Mad Mike Andrews will be the hometown hero!

I’ve seen Mad Mike in action and I had to say, especially from the conditions he had to work in, he is an all round class wrestler knowledgable and, well, slightly eccentric in his own way.

But wait! You don’t just get Mad Mike for the measly price of £4, no you also get a miriad of MPW Stars including Jetta, Black Widow, Ronin, Hatred, “State of the Art” Leon Lionheart, Fanboy, Psycho Steve, Nero, Majik, and Jekkel.

All this fun takes place at The Leicester General Hospital Sports and Social Club.

Be there!

Well, like I said it’s quiet on the scene this week with a lot of wrestlers doing the rounds on the holiday camp circuits.

I’ll pass you over to next week’s news correspondent Mitchell Jones.

Mitch, over to you….