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WWE: CM Punk, Jamie Noble Spanky

-CM Punk’s debut match from last week’s Heat taping will not air on WWE Heat this week. Its thought WWE management didn’t think the match was a good debut for Punk, and they thought it wouldn’t be a good start for him.

– Jamie Noble and Spanky are reportedly coming back to the WWE. Its thought they are coming back to be used in Smackdown’s Cruiserweight division after Billy Kidman, Akio & Shannon Moore were released from the company last month.

Jamie Noble, who hadn’t been making independent appearances using his name of James Gibson made the following comments a while back

“ They told me to clean my act up, not to go out and bash the company, and to try not to go to TNA if I can afford it and once you clear everything up and we think you’re straight, we might give you a second chance.”