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UK Scene #185

Welcome to the UK Scene, the place where I work, the world of British entertainment and the place where things happen before they are put onto DVD. Yes! you too can go see a LIVE show, so no more excuses, go out there and support the scene!

Welcome to the UK Scene, the place where I work, the world of British entertainment and the place where things happen before they are put onto DVD. Yes! you too can go see a LIVE show, so no more excuses, go out there and support the scene!

Ok, stepping off my trusty soapbox it is time to tuck into the gossip that surrounds the UK Scene.


First off is the unsurprising news that Matt (I got screwed but now all is forgiven) Hardy has pulled out of 1PW’s Twist of Fate show in Doncaster.

It appears the WWE have ordered Matt to quit his commitment and have forced 1PW to apologise to its fans. Quick tip here, you develop fans when you actually put your first show on, I think they may have meant Matt Hardy fans.

Pedantry aside, Matt not making it and leaving it for short notice is just the fickle world of wrestling, he has let down a few other promotions as well in this case. Fortunately AJ Styles has stepped up to the plate and has joined the miriad of TNA talent, which isn’t exactly a bad thing.

What worries me is that the card is growing rapidly, with wrestler names being plastered all over the net, I have had quite a few wrestlers tell me they are booked for the show. I am getting the impression that the promoter either wants the longest show in history or they have problem saying no.

Let’s take a look at the main card:

  • Main Event – AJ Styles vs. Abyss

  • Raven’s Rules street fight – Sandman vs. Raven

  • AWA World Title match – Steve Corino vs. Al Snow

  • International Tag Challenge – Britain’s Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch vs. America’s Low-Ki and Chris Sabin

  • D-Lo Brown vs. Sterling James Keenan

  • Blue Meanie vs. Tracy Smothers

  • Doug Williams vs. Austin Aries

Plus MANY more!

Ok, I understand that it looks like I am being harsh, but this show has a danger of overrunning and becoming a point where the British talent will be asked not to perform, or worse, to rush their bouts, in the wake of the people who “really matter”, in other words the 3 grand a timers. As this is the UK Scene, dedicated to the promotion and information of British Wrestlers and British promotions, I want to see this show do well and the British wrestlers seen in a good light by the fans of wrestling.

The main card sounds great as a show in itself and the idea is a positive step in the right direction for the fans of American wrestling, but because I do not want to see British wrestling suffer or lose more potential fans because of this, and I really fear this is going to be the case, we shall have to see and I pray to God that it doesn’t.

A twist of fate is held on Saturday October 1st at the Dome in Doncaster, England. Tickets available by calling the 1PW Ticket hotline on 01302 367525 OR order securely online via


I tell you what though, hats off to the FWA this week, I particularly like what they are doing with the local boy angle for their Northern Exposure 2 tour.

Local boy Andy Hogg has been invading the local press about wanting to get into the ring with Alex Shane, which will drum up a lot of local interest in wrestling. Alex Shane has returned this by laughing off the challenge.

But we know that this is a firm booking, or why else mention it?

I did enjoy reading about it though and top marks for promoting an event properly, it proves FWA has its head screwed on even at the basic level!

Rebel Pro Wrestling School

I was chatting with Blondie Barratt the other day and he mentioned that he had now opened a training school under the banner of his and Johnny Kidd’s promotion RPW.

The Rebel Pro Wrestling School takes place at the SportMansfield complex in Kirkland Avenue, Mansfield, just off the A38.

The school has a fully matted area and a ground based ring, male and female changing rooms and a chill-out area with refreshments available.

Class runs on Sundays between 12 and 4 at a cost of £10 for seniors and £8 for U-16’s. There is a one-yearly payment of £8(£5 for U-16’s) for personal insurance. For further details e-mail []. Male and female trainees of any age will be welcome.

I have seen Blondie in action and I know that he has a lot to teach any would be wrestler, I also know that he would teach trainees properly (something which is severely lacking in the UK). So if you are about that area I strongly suggest that you enrol there, your foundations in wrestling would be guaranteed to be solid as a rock.


Speaking of chatting to people, I did a show in Leicester this week and had the pleasure of finally introducing myself to Mad Mike of MPW fame.

Mike had told me that the show I had mentioned in Leicester on August the 5th had ended in a rather dodgy finish, which led to Gerry Norton, promoter of NBW, to offer Mike a title shot at the same venue in September.

This suggests quite an exciting allegiance between NBW and MPW in the way of creating shows and mixing talent to produce perhaps a far superior show.

This Inter-promotional championship match will take place September 9th, Leicester General Hospital Social Club.

Mike also told me that the day after they will be hosting what he called their biggest show, Road to Glory on September 10th at the AT7 Centre in Coventry.

The Road to Glory show will include a ladder match for the Phoenix City Championship, a 4-way elimination match for the Central Counties Championship, a contract on a pole match and the end of an 8 month feud between Keith Myatt and Majik, as they go against each other in a 2 out of 3 falls old school match. I love story arcs!

I was also told that Jetta had sustained a serious injury which required an operation on her arm. I can understand how frustrating it can be when you are forced out of doing shows so please join me in wishing her the speediest of recoveries.


While I was here thinking my news couldn’t be any more interesting, I found this waiting for me in my inbox:

WAW Commissioner Steven Howard-Platt issued the following statement today;
“Following on from “The Wonderkid” Jonny Storm’s victory over “The Dark Angel” Ashe for the vacant British Lightweight title, the World Association of Wrestling is issuing an open invitation to all wrestlers in Britain under the twelve stone/168 pound weight limit.

If you think you have what it takes to compete against Mr. Storm for this championship, please contact WAW at [] listing your credentials, and why you think you should be the next challenger for Mr. Storm’s title. ”

It is an interesting challenge, though one I cannot accept due to my rather bulky frame, but I’m sure there are quite a few lightweight wrestlers out there who would love to grapple with Mr Storm.

Actually, I think Goldy is typing her application now…

Celtic Pro Wrestling

CPW will be making their debut show in Dublin city on Saturday, September 10th, at 8pm. The event will be held in Good Counsel GAA Club on Davitt Road, Dublin 12.

We’re given this to digest:

“Now is an excellent time for a new wrestling product,” explains Paul Gernon, Head of Media for Celtic Pro. “Given the success of WWE in the RDS in Dublin last month, drawing 22,000 fans, Celtic Pro endeavours to provide the same calibre of live wrestling action to Irish fans. We will feature both Irish and international wrestling stars, and at a fan-friendly price that will enable families to experience all the action.”

“Everyone involved with the company has worked very hard to make this happen, from training to promotion,” commented senior advisor Ross Hart from his home in Calgary, Alberta Canada. “I join the wrestling community in anticipating the first show to see what Celtic Pro has to offer.”

So, WWE quality show for a tenner perhaps?

It matters not, bums in seats is all that really matters to a promotion and I hear the claims all the time about how a promotion will be the next big thing, the reality bites when the show has ended, so best of luck guys with the show.


SWA have managed to get themselves a cage!

So why is that exciting? Because very, very few promotions have the facility for such an item and cage matches are few and far between. One of the things American wrestling has over the UK Scene is diversity and this is quite an exciting step forward. I’m not a cage match fan, but many UK wrestling fans are.

So, what are they doing with the steel mesh of doom? They are having a Royal Rumble… which will not only lead to audience amusement aplenty, but in this rumble the audience gets to choose the next contestant, except a few wildcards.

Great idea except for the wildcards, no one should be exempt from the audience contempt, plus it will stink to them that the wildcards are potentially the winners of the bout and thus lose interest.

But this is definitely a step in the right direction.

SWA Presents Rebirth 2: Battlezone! on August 20th. Tickets for this show cost £7 for adults, and £5 for under 16’s – AND as a special gift to the fans that have supported SWA in the past year, tickets are now on pre sale for only £5! Tickets can be purchased form the Sir Matt Busby Sports Centre in Bellshill, Area 52 in Moddedge Industrial Estate Linwood, Scottsman Models in Trongate, Glasgow city centre or from A52 attendees and SWA officials.

That is it for me this week, just remember, if you don’t let me know then I can’t help promote you and neither can Mitchell, so make sure to email either him or myself.

All the best