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UK Scene #188

Hi there and welcome to another UK Scene news, Saracen here to overlook what is happing this week in the world of UK Wrestling…

Hi there and welcome to another UK Scene news, Saracen here to overlook what is happing this week in the world of UK Wrestling.

I think in all fairness, the companies that have mailed me and Mitchell their event details will be mentioned first.

I’ve always had an online soft spot for UKPW, not that I have seen them, but when I covered Adam Sibley with Goldy last year they gave me the impression that they were eager to bring wrestling to the public and were not afraid to advertise. It is a shame that they went quiet for a while but once again I can write a UK Scene mentioning their name.

They are putting on a show at their local venue of Nye Bevan Hall in Hackney, London on Friday September 30th 2005.

I am told that wrestlers include Country Boy, Rich ‘N’ Famous (Who I have stepped into the ring with), UKPW Tag Team Champion Anton Green, Chris Wyld and UKPW Champion Ethan ‘The Heat’ Hayze.

If you are near these guys, take a look, adult ticket is £4, £2 for children or a family ticket of £10. Sounds cheap to me, so it might be worth a look. Address is

MPW have released the card for their upcoming shows I mentioned in UKS185 and a change of event

Marked down as the biggest event ever (If it’s so big why aren’t I on it huh Mike?) and takes place Saturday September 10th 2005 at Centre AT7, A444 in Coventry. Card includes:

  • Four man ladder match: Chris Charizma (Champ) vs Leon Lionheart vs Danny Oxman vs Psycho Steve

  • Imperial Dragon (Champ) vs White Tiger vs Samurai vs Nero Mask vs Mask.

  • Former tag team partners Rhyme vs Reason Old School Challenge Match.

  • Keith Myatt vs Majik.

  • Heavyweight Tag Team Contest Total Annihilation (490 lbs) vs Jekkel and Exodus (480 lbs).

  • Contract on a pole match FanBoy vs Jetta’s selected champion.

Not so sure about the 2 4-way matches, but the addition of the ladder should keep the two different enough to keep the audience’s interest.

MPW’s preshow on Friday 9th September has been moved to the Royal British legion Club, Syston, Leicester. These things happen in wrestling.

Tickets are £5 and £3 for Road to Glory and £4 and £2 for the Warm up preshow.

1PW’s A Cruel Twist of Fate may have hit another snag after the announcement that D’lo Brown has cancelled his UK Tours, I believe that a few shows will be affected by this. This is a shame as a lot of UK fans have warmed to D’lo and he is a top draw. Hopefully there will be another tour soon.

BWA have announced matches for their next show to be held at Bidd’s Club in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent on Friday 9th September. Matches include:

  • Chris Curtis (c) vs. Dangerous Damon Leigh for the BWA Heavyweight Title

  • Paul “Vault” Beswick vs. Freddy Cruger

  • “Tarzan Boy” Darren vs. a mystery opponent

  • MTX vs. Shabazz

  • Quarter-Final Round of the BWA Cruiserweight Championship Tournament with Scorpion, Kid Karate, “Sensational” Perry Mason and “Supernatural” Scott Skyler.

  • Plus a Royal Rumble!

Ticket prices are £5.50 for adults, £4.50 for children and £15 for a family saver ticket. Tickets can be purchased the night of the show.

Not really heard much about these guys, well apart from MTX and Shabazz, but then, I’m sure they’ve never heard of me either.

3CW have revealed more matches for their September 9th show to be held at the Billingham Synthonia Social Club in Billingham, Cleveland.

  • Ice XVII (c) vs. Stevie Lynn for the 3CW Heavyweight Title.

  • Conscience vs Alex Shane

  • Lord Of The Ring (followed by a final)

  • Chris Whitton vs. Darkside

  • Brother War vs. Blake Norton

  • Kid Richie & Falcon vs. Cutting EDGEucation

  • The Kraze & Cannon + GBH vs. The Vegas Connection & Jonny Love & TBC in a 8 Man Tag Team Elimination Match

  • The Lord Of The Ring Final

Doors will open at 7:00pm and the show starts at 7:30pm.

Tickets are £5 for adults, £4 for children, and £15 for a family ticket. Ringside tickets cost £7 for adults, £6 for children, and £21 for a family ticket. Oooh ringside seats!

As an aside, I thought I would take a look into the goings on of the Talk Wrestling Online forums, yes it is an attempt to gain interest in the forums. If you want to see the information yourself then head to the UK Scene forum at Talk Wrestling Online.

FCW have posted an In-ring training session at the Thorns School, Brierley Hill, Dudley on the TWO Forums.

So what! I hear you say? Well, a ring is not as safe an environment and for wrestlers you need to get used to what a ring feels like and how you can work in it. I have been told that you learn a lot in these 6 hour sessions and places are open for newcomers as well as pros.

The Seminar takes place on October 9th and begins at 9am, the seminar costs £20 and must be booked in advance by emailing [].

Once I got through the internal argument (Old wrestlers with bad blood, happens everywhere, so just ignore them when they flair up) I found that SCW will be announcing a show for the end of September. If anyone from SCW wants to email either me or Mitch then I will be happy to promote it for you in these very pages.

Calgary Hitman is organising a top 50 wrestlers on the UKScene, where you can vote for your favourite wrestlers and he will compile a section. Take a look at the post here and contact him to place your 15 votes.

Not to put too much of a downer on the fun but I have a feeling that there will be a lot of wrestlers involved in that one, so the individual wrestling companies will vote for their compatriots as they are all they know. Actually if we got just fans to vote then I would love to see the voting on that too, the UK Scene could be in for a mild shock!

Well, that’s it for this week, keep your mouse pointers on the forums and Devi’s News section, Mitch next week and I’ll see you the week after.