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UK Scene #189

Greetings from under the long red hair of the always-dependable *cough* Mitchell Jones, here with yet another UK Scene column. My birthday has been and gone, and I can say that I have had a joyous week. It’s something that I can take for granted because I’ve had things considerably lucky as of late. Why am I bringing this up? Read on and you shall see…

Greetings from under the long red hair of the always-dependable *cough* Mitchell Jones, here with yet another UK Scene column. My birthday has been and gone, and I can say that I have had a joyous week. It’s something that I can take for granted because I’ve had things considerably lucky as of late. Why am I bringing this up? Read on and you shall see.

As lucky as I have been in both my week and indeed year, I can only wish that the Knights could be experiencing happiness right now. After a rough year that has seen certain aspects brought to the forefront of the UK scene community, nobody thought it could have gotten worse. But low and behold, yesterday afternoon, Julia Hamer (aka Sweet Saraya) was reported as missing. The Norwich native was last seen two weeks ago on Saturday, August 27th, and obviously hasn’t been seen since. Her state of mind is unknown, and friends of the family have tried to be as vague as possible about the situation surrounding it. Still, at this time, it’s a shocking blow that serves to remind people just how real the world is. Forget wrestling for a second, forget what you think of the Knights as wrestlers or as characters. This is a real life situation, with real life people, real life problems, and real life worries. Please spare a thought for the family at this time.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Hamer should contact Earlham police station on 0845 456 4567. In a direct quote from the Eastern Daily Press, “She is described as 5ft 6in tall, of thin build, with read shoulder length hair and pale complexion”. Reports suggest that she was travelling in a white M-registered Honda Civic car, if that is of any use to anyone also. We can only hope for a happy ending and a satisfying conclusion, but sometimes optimism doesn’t always see the light of day in situations such as this. I appeal to anyone to do their bit if they can, whether to provide information or merely to spread the word. On a direct level to the Knights, I send my heart out to you guys, and whilst I’m not a religious man, any prayers that may provide comfort are already on their way. Hopefully, Saracen will be able to report more on this next week.

It feels weird and a little bit insensitive after that to fade back into the business side of wrestling, but the dates are lined up, and I have a job to do. So here goes.

First of all, thank you to Varsity Pro for their e-mail. As I have stated before and will continue to state, e-mails that are sent my way will take priority over any other news on the boards, and is the only way to guarantee a mention. Nonetheless, VP’s debut show is this Friday, September 16th at the Horndean Technology College, Barton Cross, Hampshire. Doug Williams, Phil Powers and the UK Kid will all be gracing the show with their presence, and tickets are priced at a respectable £8 for adults and £5 for children and OAPs. For more information, check out

Bad news for FCW as the group has had to cancel their November 19th show at the Walsall Town Hall. But never fear, because there are still six dates left on the yearly calendar, with the next show being the September 25th show at the Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre. In addition to their in-ring exploits, FCW are now looking for a new FCW t-shirt and want YOU to design it. That’s right, just come up with a design featuring the FCW logo and website address, and e-mail them to [] or post them on the FCW forums over at TWO. You have until September 30th to get your entry in, and the winning entry will have their design made into an actual t-shirt, not to mention they’ll receive a free t-shirt for their efforts.

Mr. Danny Devine is running a top 50 UK Wrestlers poll for Wrestling101 right now. Until Wednesday, you have the opportunity to nominate your 15 top UK wrestlers on the UK Scene boards at TWO. Then the real action will start. Keep tuned to W101 and TWO.

EWW will bring Cruel Britannia to the Palace Nightclub in Witney, Oxfordshire on September 23rd. Tickets are available on 07887 871197 priced £9/£6. Ashe, The Dominator, Cyclone, Nikita and ‘The Pukka One’ Baxter Burridge will all be there, and is your website of choice for more on what should be a good show (although it needs more Necrosis – in fact, everything needs more Necrosis. Necrosis4Prez).

Sanjay Bagga and LDN Wrestling will be hitting Aylestone + District Working Men’s Club, 505 Saffron Lane, Leicester, LE1 6UE (how’s that for efficient?) on Sunday october 23rd at 5pm with Chris Wyld vs. Ashe vs. Majik vs. ?? (no, there is not a wrestler called ??, smartarse) in a #1 contendership tournament. What’s that you say? You’d like a website to go to for more up-to-date information? Why, just check out and knock yourself silly (no, don’t, please. My lawyer is on a £20,000 paid vacation right now. Thankfully, he says he has my £20,000 stored away in a nice safe compartment that no one will ever touch. Phew.).

What’s better than a naked David Hasslehoff dancing with midgets? Why, CSF Total Elimination 7, of course. This 6th anniversary show on September 18th will be held at The Assembly Hall, Melksham, Wiltshire. The doors will open at 5pm (on their own, I presume. Magical doors are a worthwhile investment for all wrestling promotions) with a 5:45pm bell time and 8pm finish. All tickets are £6 from 01225 709887 or the venue itself.

Just when I thought I couldn’t sing the praises of IPW:UK enough, the group have announced the one and only Vampiro to be a part of their “The Brawl At The Hall” show on November 13th. A known troublemaker and the funniest liar in the business, Vampiro is not only a one of a kind, but a juggalo (Insane Clown Posse fan, much like Slipknot fans are maggots, Korn fans are Kornkids, and McFly fans are morons). Be sure to check out this insane man at IPW:UK.

Lots of FWA news to report this week… just kidding.

Finally, as per request of no one, the results of the past 7 days:

3CW – Billingham Synthonia Social Club, Billingham, Cleveland – Friday, September 9th, 2005

  • CJ Hunter & William Grange beat Kid Richie & Falcon

  • Chris Witton beat Darkside

  • Blake Norton beat Brother War by DQ

  • The Kraze, GBH & Chris Cannon beat The Vegas Connection, Johnny Love & Jason Mayson

  • El Ligero beat JC Thunder

  • Chris Witton beat Blake Norton

  • Conscience beat Alex Shane by DQ

  • Stevie Lynn beat Ice XVII

FCW – Civic Centre, Whitchurch, Shropshire – Sunday, September 4th, 2005

  • The Judge beat The Bouncer

  • Laken Xander beat GBH and Blade in a 3 Way Dance

  • Dragon Phoenix beat Celt Kennedy

  • Devil’s Advocate beat The HighCons

  • Jonny Storm beat Jack Storm

MPW – Royal British Legion Club, Syston, Leicester – Friday, September 9th, 2005

  • AD Street beat Rhyme

  • Samurai beat Keith Myatt

  • Hatred, John Bull & Scott Grimm beat Stiro, Psycho Steve & Leon Lionheart

  • Mad Mike beat G Man to win the NBW Iron Man Title

  • Imperial Dragon beat Jekkel to retain the Phoenix City Title

  • Nero beat White Tiger

  • Majik beat SC Supreme

  • Majik won a 16 man over the top rope rumble

MPW – Centre AT7, A444 Coventry – Saturday, September 10th, 2005

  • FanBoy beat Scott Grimm

  • Reason beat Rhyme

  • Mad Mike beat John Bull to retain the NBW Iron Man Title

  • Samuari beat Imperial Dragon (c), White Tiger, and Nero in a Ladder Match to win the Phoenix City Title

  • Keith Myatt beat Majik

  • Jekkel & Exdous beat Total Annihilation and The UK Pitbulls

  • Conscience beat Chris Charizma (c), Leon Lionheart, and Psycho Steve to win the Central Counties Title

That’ll do it for today. Saracen is back next week to tell you the tale of how he once ended up mistaking a transexual Russian for a cute blonde and screaming like a girl upon realising it was too late to turn back and ended up… wait, what? He wasn’t actually going to reveal that story? Well, gosh darn it, I guess it’s UK news once again. I’ll see you all in two weeks, so until then, take care.

Mitchell Jones