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WWE: Getting tough on infringements

Recently WWE have been has been getting tough on those who they think might infringe on their copyrights and trademarks. Below is a list of people that have been contacted recently:

Peter Polaco (aka Justin Credible) – has been sent a cease and desist letter, he can no longer use the "Justin Credible" name on wrestling shows.

Pete Gurner (aka Billy Kidman) – was informed by Johnny Ace that he can not use the "Billy Kidman" or "Kidman" name on the indy circuit when his 90-day no-compete cause ends next month.

Webmaster of – received a legal letter, stating that Vader has given WWE the rights to his name as part of his Legends contract, therefore the WWE wants the webmaster to give up ownership of the domain name.

Webmaster of – has been informed that they can no longer use pictures of Spike taken during his WWE career, they threatened him with a $150,000 damage case per photo.

Mark LoMonica (aka Bubba Ray Dudley) – has been sent a cease and desist letter, he can not use the names "Buh-Buh", "Bubba", "Buh-Buh Ray Dudley", and "Bubba Ray Dudley".

Devon Hughes (aka D-Von Dudley) – has been informed that he can not use the names "D-Von" or D-Von Dudley", although he can use the name "Devon" as that is his real name.

Also they can not be referred to as "The Dudley’s", "The Dudleyz", "The Dudley Boyz" or "The Dudley Boys", not only that but they can not wear camouflage or wrestle wearing glasses and can not use the term "get the tables".