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WWE: Official RAW Preview for 12/09/05

RAW Preview – Bischoff continues to stack the deck
September 12, 2005

General Manager Eric Bischoff has signed a huge Handicap Match for Monday Night RAW on Sept. 12. It will be WWE Champion John Cena taking on both Kurt Angle and Tyson Tomko. Cena has overcome many odds since becoming WWE Champion, but can he really turn back both Angle and Tomko? Watch RAW to find out.

After more than five months, no one has prevailed in the Master Lock Challenge. Shawn Michaels gave it the best effort to date last week, but he came up just short. After coming close to breaking the hold, Masters threw HBK to the mat and nailed him with a chair. He then reapplied the hold to win the Master Lock Challenge. What will the Showstopper have to say after not breaking the Master Lock?

Also, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch made a stunning debut upsetting the World Tag Team Champions, Rosey and The Hurricane. How will they top their first appearance on RAW?