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UK Scene #190

Fresh from working a show in Great Yarmouth, tis me, Saracen here to bring you more of the weeks news in the UK Scene…

Fresh from working a show in Great Yarmouth, tis me, Saracen here to bring you more of the weeks news in the UK Scene.

We’ll start off with the great news that Sweet Saraya has been found, It was quite a pleasure to see this in my inbox (strangely after one that told me she was still missing). So it is great to know she is safe. I have worked alongside her and Ricky on one show (she, or her husband wouldn’t know me from adam as I never introduce myself as Saracen anymore, actually I never did.) and she is a very good wrestler and a strong person.

I know the Knights are going through a lot of life issues at the moment and I hope you join me in wishing them the best in getting their lives back on track and stepping into the ring once more where they belong.

But the important thing is now we can all breathe a sigh of relief.

FCW have announced that at their next show will have the return of the Ring Warrior Tournament…

So, er what is a Ring Warrior Tournament I hear you ask, well, never fear, ole Sazza’s done a bit of digging and found the official blurb for it from our very own FCW Forum on TWO.

The “Ring Warrior Tornament” returns to FCW. Longtime FCW fans will remember back to 2003 when “The Sensation Of The Nation” Rob Hunter defeated Spud in the finals of the very first tournament.

Rob Hunter then carried his “Ring Warrior Trophy” around with pride for months after he won it. Many times Rob used it in his matches as an illegal object, unbeknownst to the referee’s. Unfortunately the trophy was smashed to pieces over “High Impact” Sam Green’s head.

For Rob Hunter, the Ring Warrior Tournament was a stepping stone to greater things as he managed to become the second ever FCW Champion. Rob Hunter is now the most successful wrestler in FCW to date being a two-time champion, and some credit that success to his win in this very tournament.

Whoever manages to win this years tournament will have high expectations placed on their heads, and even bigger challenges for the future.”
Still not worked it out? It’s not that hard you know, it’s King of the Ring with a trophy.

The show will take place on Sunday September 25th at the Baggeridge Social Welfare Centre in Lower Gornal, West Midlands. The first three names entered into this tournament are “Mr Bad Attitude” Saul Adams, The Bouncer, and The Judge.

IPW:UK have announced an update to the card (Remember, the card is ALWAYS subject to change folks!) for their “One Year Anniversary” show on September 24th at the Orpington Halls, in Orpington, Kent.

Matches are:

  • AK47 (c) vs. Ashley Reed & Tony Sefton vs. The Chav Army vs. The Kartel in a TLC Match for the IPW:UK Tag Team Titles

  • Martin Stone (c) vs. Jody Fleisch for the IPW:UK Title

  • Andy Boy Simmonz vs. James Tighe in a Contendership Match for the IPW:UK Title

  • Ross Jordan vs. Paul Robinson

  • Spud vs. Jack Storm

  • Jonny Storm vs. Dave Moralez

  • Plus former Champion Aviv Maayan is in attendance!

Hmm, former champ eh? Do I sense a little bit of involvement in a match by the former champ? Am I right? Well, the only way to find out is to go!

Doors will open at 6:00pm and the show will start at 6:30pm. Tickets are £20 for ringside, £12 for adults, £6 for children and a family ticket costs £30. To order tickets please visit the IPW:UK website or call 07780 677 007.

FWA:A are being a busy lot, I’m sure if you are a Wrestling channel addict, you will have seen the adverts for the FWA Academy. Well it seems that the first batch of students are nearly cooked and they are getting the opportunity of working in front of a real crowd.

It is a sound tactic, usually allowing trainees to go up against the pros and learn from them, especially with the critical experience of working in front of an audience for the first time.

The first one being the rather dubiously named “Enter the Showstealer” and involves the following card:

  • Academy Champion Dan Head vs. Max Voltage vs. TBC in a Non Title Match

  • Ollie Burns vs. Ant Lacayo

  • Tyrone Johnson vs. Alan Gallagher

  • Harry Mills vs. Jamie Brum

  • Alex Shane vs. Mark Sloan

Now call me a whinging old nanny, but why name a trainee show?

“Enter The Showstealer” takes place on September 24th at the Buckland Community Centre in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Tickets are £5, and can be ordered online.

But wait…

Not only that but FWA:A have the more appropriately named FWA Academy Supershow on Saturday October 15th at the The Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Matches announced so far are:

  • Alex Shane vs. Dan Head

  • Stixx & Martin Stone vs. The Ghosh Brothers

  • Mark Sloan vs. TBC

  • Darren Burridge vs. Eamon Shrahan

  • The UK Pitbulls & Wade Fitzgerald vs. The EntouRAGE

  • James Tighe vs. Hade Vansen

  • Jack Xavier vs. Ollie Burns

  • Nikita vs. Dan James

  • Aviv Maayan vs. Max Voltage vs. TBC vs. TBC in a Four Way Match

Tickets are priced £10 and are also available online.

FWA itself have announced a partial card for their “Hotwired” show on Sunday October 16th at the Broxbourne Civic Hall in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire.

Matches announced so far are:

  • Alex Shane vs. a Mystery Opponent

  • Darren Burridge vs. The Manchester Massive in a Handicap Match

  • Iceman vs. Jack Xavier in a No DQ Match.

Tickets are £35 for Gold Ringside, £25 for Silver Ringside, £20, £15, and £10. There is a Darkmatch for the Gold and Silver payers, cheapskates can miss it.

Onto the Forum spotlight:

The TWO top 50 is nearing completion but the bottom tier need sorting and Danny Devine (Calgary Hitman) needs your help:

This section received the lowest amount of votes out of 50 nominee’s so its up to you guys to vote again but this time send me the guys from this list in order of what place you want them from 41-50 so email me or put them up on the thread and when all the votes are in I will announce the next section 31-40

so put these guys in order…

Steve Grey
Kade Callous
Danny Oxman
Anton Green
Carl Mizzery
Scott Future
James Mason
Johny Moss

Log on here to get the message address or to post your preference.

MPW’s Rhyme has sent out a message to the MPW fans that he has decided to quit pro wrestling.

He has stated that his personal life has now overcome his need to wrestle and he is leaving for love, which is quite rare in these times. Instead of repeating his reasons here you can read the full explanation here.

Every wrestler that I have seen on shows that have come from MPW have shown a degree of quality and professionalism so I will have to say that Rhyme’s departure is a sad blow to pro wrestling.

Well that’s about it for me, next week Mitch will be typing up his love of the Rocky horror picture show in a pair of gold Speedos. He’ll also be writing up next weeks look into the UK Scene.

Take care.