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UK Scene #191

Why did the chicken cross the road? To read this weeks installment of the UK scene round-up, of course. This week I will be looking extensively at 1PWs upcoming supershow as well as rounding up the news of the last seven days from the promotions near you. So sit back, relax, thank your higher power that Sweet Saraya was found safe and well, and let me entertain you with the UK Scene…

Why did the chicken cross the road? To read this weeks installment of the UK scene round-up, of course. This week I will be looking extensively at 1PWs upcoming supershow as well as rounding up the news of the last seven days from the promotions near you. So sit back, relax, thank your higher power that Sweet Saraya was found safe and well, and let me entertain you with the UK Scene.

It shouldn’t be too hard for me to do so, since we’re heading into a big weekend next Saturday with 1PW and their big Doncaster supershow, A Cruel Twist Of Fate. Yours truly and Saracen, fingers crossed, will be there at the event, taking notes and enjoying the action (at the insistance of the 1PW crew, who have been nothing short of gracious towards us). If you cross your fingers a little tighter, we may be able to score a few surprises from the show too, but I’ll say no more about it… for now. The show will be held at The Dome in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, and tickets are still available, although I am told they are in VERY limited supply (no more than a hundred or so left). To grab hold of some before they’re all gone (and I’m assured they will be), call 01302 367525 or order online at right now.

The card (my own comments in parentheses) currently reads as follows:

  • Abyss vs. AJ Styles (always a good showing when these two are together, should be a strong main event)

  • Raven vs. Sandman (has the possibility to be the wild brutal affair that we’ve come to expect from both men, but could also be a letdown. I’m hoping that the Raven’s Rules stipulation will stop the latter from happening)

  • Steve Corino vs. Al Snow (should be a good old school match, can’t see an AWA title change though)

  • Jerry Lynn & Chris Sabin vs. Jonny Storm & Jodie Fleisch (pre-show prediction for Match Of The Night honour, can’t wait to see Jodie and Jerry in action)

  • Blue Meanie vs. Tracy Smothers (probably the most well-built match on the card, so I do care what happens but I don’t expect much going in)

  • Doug Williams vs. Austin Aries (will be my first viewing of Austin Aries so I’m hoping for good things. Doug is 99% always a guarentee for a good match)

  • D’lo Brown vs. Sterling James Keenan (I like D’lo, and haven’t even heard of Keenan, so I’ll be keeping an eye out. Instinct says D’lo goes over, but I wouldn’t be shocked to see an upset)

  • Low-ki vs. Iceman (should be brutally stiff – I know, stupidly obvious comment when Low-ki is around. I am looking forward to it though)

  • Ross Jordan, James Tighe & Ice XVII vs. Spud, Stevie Lynn & Shabazz (the only real UK showcase on the card, firmly behind Spud and team for the win)

  • Plus, an appearance from Tommy Dreamer (here’s hoping/expecting a run-in during the Raven/Sandman match)

Also announced is a “Proving Ground Battle Royal” with Darren Burridge, Aviv Mayaan, Andy Simmons, Jorge Castano, Tex Benedict, Pain Inc. (Sabotage and Ruffneck), Bull Harley, DOA, Ace Anderson, Inferno, Samson, British Born Steel and Chad Collyer. The final two will go on to a pinfall/submission rules match with the winner receiving a 1PW contract. I’m not sure how certain names are on there whilst others were not brought in, but I presume it will be a Premium Ticket extra (not that I’ve been able to confirm that, I’m merely guessing). That’s not all either, because the VIP Conference will commence on Saturday afternoon, with a Q&A session, bar, merchandise, and much more. Clashing just briefly with the conference is the Doncaster Rovers vs. Bradford City match not far from The Dome. Raven, The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer will take part in what a half-time cross-promotional segment to be filmed for the eventual DVD distribution and hopefully the show itself, if edited in time. The idea is for it to be featured on Calender News, but we shall soon find out how well it all pays off, and W101 will try to keep you updated on all the latest news.

So as it stands, all systems are go, although it seems there is just a small plague of trouble stirring under the sheets as it seems that Peter Staniforth has left the promotion. I don’t know how, why, or how legitimate that is, but any departure just a week away is going to be a hit to the company.

Nonetheless, anyone in need of information concerning the venue should visit for everything you need to know. For general 1PW news, is your one-stop site, although W101 will be right behind, every step of the way. We will hopefully see you all there, and be back next week to share the filthy details.

With all that said and done, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the UK column ends here – but it doesn’t. Oh no, we have more news than you can shake a stick at, so let’s get to the rest of the action.

First up, a note to all aspiring promoters: want to know how to be the most talked about and seemingly hated person in UK wrestling? Become Kriss Sprules. It has emerged this week that after the “highly anticipated” OPWO Breakdown show (September 6th), several people didn’t get their payments as promised. Tut tut, Kriss/Melicious. Of course, there is no real truth right now because it’s only hearsay on an Internet forum, but it’s funny what kinds of things you can hear or learn over this incredible wave of technology. It’s a shame that things seem to keep going from bad to worse for the OPWO crew. Despite what seem to be good shows, people just seem to love to sink their teeth into anything they can get a hold of – and OPWO provides plenty of meat to chew off. The UK scene doesn’t particularly need such antics at the moment, and if these tales are indeed true, it is time for someone to step up and either fix the problems or eradicate them. As it is, “Hideaway“, the supposed follow-up show from OPWO, seems rather an apt title (thank you to the UKFF for giving me the joke material to steal).

On a positive note EAW, or East Anglia Wrestling, are at the Community Centre, Burton Latimer, Northants on September 30th for their 11th show with a tables match and much more. The Judge, British Born Steele, Steve Stryka and Ace Anderson will all be there, and tickets cost a more £6 for adults and £4 for children. is your hotspot for the latest news.

Also on September 30th, for those in Glenrothes, W3L hit the CISWO for September 2 Dismember with Ricky Knight taking on Phil Powers. Tickets are priced at £7 Their website is located at and is one of the better ones out there, so check it out.

With two shows on the 30th, you’d think that WZW would break from the pack and maybe hold a show on the 29th? Or the 28th even? No, silly, they’re hitting the Middlesborough Town Hall on the (you guessed it) 30th. But what separates them from everyone else is their stacked line-up featuring former NWA champion Raven, D’lo Brown, Alex Shane and Ian Rotten. Out of the three shows, I’d recommend this one if you wish to enjoy some star power and the best preview I can think of for 1PW. But that’s not to take away from any of the other companies. Be sure to support your local promotion and get out there. The old saying “there’s something for everyone” certainly applies here.

AT LONG LAST, some news from the FWA camp. It seems that the group have decided to host their annual British Uprising show in the month of May instead of it’s usual end of year placement. The next BU show will be held in May of 2006 and then annually in that same month from thereafter. At least the committee are thinking things through, it seems. They want to move away from WWE tours (they usually head over in the month of April, but tickets go on sale quite early) and try to recoup the momentum they had only last year. However, I have to question how a company like the FWA can now succeed when small but growing promotions like IPW:UK are catching up very quickly and these supershows are starting to gather a lot of momentum. Could it be that supershows are the way forward for the UK scene? I’m starting to think so. Because of that, it’ll be interesting to see where the FWA go from here. Are they finally going to feel the burn? Or are we just seeing the calm before the storm?

FCW have announced four of the eight names for the Ring Warrior tournament at Baggeridge on the 25th September (so chances are it’ll have taken place by the time you read this). The Judge, Celt Kennedy, Saul Adams and BB Steele have all been named in the bracketing, but their respective opponents have not. has all the information you need, as well as a look at the upcoming Haden Hill show on October 15th in Halesowen which I would recommend for everyone to go out to see. We’ve heard little from FCW lately like we have with other companies, so a show like this is just what the promotion needs to bring themselves right back into the picture.

Finally, WAW are at The Talk in Norwich for “October Outrage VII” (that’s 7, for those who don’t understand roman numerals). The Zebra Kid, Paul Tyrell and Ricky Knight will be there, and ticket information can be obtained by telephoning 01603 474693 or by emailing [].

Well that’ll do it for this week. I’m unsure of what will happen with next weeks column, but be sure to keep checking throughout the week for the latest news from the always desirable Devilish Angel and her newsboard posts. I will be back soon with my ‘Diaries Of Doncaster’ as well as the usual, and Saracen will be back if he even wants to remain a member of the site after I’m done boring him to death about my stamp collection and why my third penis causes me much grief in my everyday life.

So until then, take care, and thanks for reading.

Mitchell Jones