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WWE: Official Friday Night Smackdown Preview for 30/09/05

Heading to Homecoming
September 30, 2005

The Monday Night RAW on Oct. 3 on the USA Network will be one of the biggest shows in the history of sports-entertainment. Because of the magnitude of this show, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long has done everything he could to make sure his show had a presence on “WWE Homecoming.” Despite some resistance from RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff, Long was granted a presence. WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon will allow Long to hold one SmackDown match on the Oct. 3 RAW on the USA Network. Be sure to watch SmackDown this Friday night to find out which SmackDown Superstars will be participating in this blockbuster night.

Also, last week Eddie Guerrero was suffering from a mysterious stomach ailment that he thought might prevent him from teaming up with Batista to take on MNM. Eddie struggled just to get to the ring, but he miraculously recovered in time to tag himself in and steal Batista’s pin. At the end of the show Batista looked rather annoyed with Eddie. What will the World Heavyweight Champion have to say about Eddie’s sickness this week?

In addition, Ken Kennedy kept his undefeated streak going with a win over Rey Mysterio. Can Kennedy stay on this amazing roll?

Also, it was JBL who distracted Mysterio, helping Kennedy get the win. How will Rey react to JBL’s distraction?