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T3C: WWE No Mercy 2005 Preview

You’ll need eyes in the back of your head this Sunday at No Mercy, but who’s that coming in the ring a friend? An enemy? Or could it be the Raw roster?

No Mercy for The Booker in more ways than one!

Can anyone explain to me the actions of those people responsible for writing Smackdown? Rey Mysterio beats Eddie Guerrero time after time then loses once and Eddie becomes Number one challenger to the World Heavyweight Title? Meanwhile Kennedy, sorry, Mr Kennedy, who has a gimmick that’s gonna get boring very soon, beats Booker T but it’s Booker who gets the US Title shot while Kennedy, that’s Kennedy, ends up with a match against Hardcore ‘Bet you’re surprised I’m still here’ Holly which must really bury Sylvian.

Anyway more about that later, now it’s time to preview ‘No Mercy’

World Heavyweight Title: Batista v Eddie Guerrero

How thick is Batista? He’s always getting the wool pulled over his eyes, Triple H strung him along for months now it’s Eddie’s turn. I still can’t believe Eddie is the Number one challenger, it just shows how bad a problem Smackdown has in terms of challengers for the World Title. Randy Orton is stuck in a feud with Undi which isn’t doing him too many favours and now he has Piper to deal with as well. JBL has had his time in the main event (hopefully), Benoit is doomed to stay at US Title level as are Booker T and Christian. Mysterio is just too small and the fact he’s in with JBL after all those wins over Eddie must tell him something about his long-term chances. As for Undi? If he was going to be champ again, wouldn’t he have been kept as number one challenger? The simple fact is that Smackdown got screwed when it came to the draft roster. What wouldn’t we give for Batista to be facing Angle, Carlito or Big Show?

Anyway back to what we have at the moment and for most of the year apparently. I don’t see Eddie winning the belt this weekend but if there was a title available for over-acting then he’d win it hands down. The build-up hasn’t been spectacular, Batista’s weakness on the mic compared to Eddie doesn’t help matters a great deal. There hasn’t even been that much in-ring action between the two which of course leads us to another possible outcome this Sunday. Will Raw stars invade No Mercy? If they do it’s likely to be in the main event, so I go for a no-contest this Sunday which of course keeps the feud alive and heightens the tensions between Raw and Smackdown leading up to the match at Survivor Series.

US Title: Benoit v Booker T v Christian v Jordan

Well at least we’ll see Benoit wrestle for more than 20 seconds this PPV. Whose idea was it to take the best wrestler on the roster and give him twenty seconds of action? Is that what the fans want to see and what does it do to the reputation of Orlando Jordan? You know, I hate these matches where the champ can lose the belt without being pinned, in my opinion to win the title you beat the champ, simple as that.

So will the belt change hands this Sunday? I don’t think so and hopefully we’ll see Booker T turn heel (if only so I can boo that horrible wife of his) and continue the feud in proper singles matches. As for Jordan and Christian? Surely Jordan’s long –term purpose is to fall out with JBL, while Christian could do with finding a tag partner or how about a feud with Matt Hardy if he arrives on Smackdown?

Tag Titles: LOD and Christy v MNM

Heidenreich, just where do I start? This guy has had so many gimmicks in the past year even Steve Lombardi is getting jealous. From a poet to a madman who tried to run over the Undertaker to a guy who needs friends and has a silly walk to an LOD clone with more face paint than Kamala and Papa Shango put together. Just what Hawk thinks I’d hate to discover!

If LOD are so good, why do they have to meet jobbers on Smackdown? Regal and Burchill are the best tips for a feud with LOD but why were they just used as a way of pursuing this match on Smackdown this week? Where are the Mexicools?

This hasn’t been too bad a feud and that’s mainly down to the work of MNM more than LOD. Will the titles change hands here? I’m not too sure, perhaps Christy (what an entrance it’ll be with Heidenreich’s march and Christy’s skip (which is where she belongs) to look forward to), will interfere and get LOD the win.

JBL v Rey Mysterio

If in doubt chuck in a racist angle, always works and always offends. JBL is in that awkward situation where he’s been at the top but isn’t likely to get another title shot unless he turns face and that’s not on the horizon. I wish he’d gone to Raw where he could be meeting the likes of Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels. As for Mysterio, he’s stuck as well, perhaps waiting for a US Title shot or why not let him feud with or perhaps join the Mexicools? He’s beaten JBL once, which means he’s beaten the last and current challengers for Batista’s title, but I see JBL getting a typically dodgy win here.

Undertaker v The Orton’s (Handicap Casket Match)

If Orton is to progress on Smackdown he has to get a win on Sunday and rumours are Undi may be disappearing for a bit until Survivor Series. Well he has had a few matches lately and all that grabbing and lying in caskets is so tiring you know. The build-up has been pretty decent for this match and the introduction of Piper adds to the flavour of this feud. This is Undi’s speciality match, well that’s what the commentators say. If it’s his speciality match why has he lost so many? I go for the Orton’s to get the win here probably after Piper interferes and messes up.

Mr Kennedy v Hardcore Holly

So why is Kennedy so low down on this card? I’d have preferred to see him up against Booker T or even included in the US Title match. I can’t stand Holly and don’t understand why he’s survived so long in WWE. Trouble is fans cheer him so I suppose that’s the only reason. Kennedy will get the pin here but will Sylvan interfere, that’s likely so poor old Bob is in for a rough night.

Simon Dean v Bobby Lashley

Why isn’t this on Heat, especially with Dean having a broken hand? Why are talent such as Regal, Burchill, Mexicools and the entire cruiserweight division not on this card? Lashley is getting a big push so he wins, simple as that.

This isn’t a bad card despite being a bit illogical at times. The last two matches I’ve previewed aren’t great but the rest of the card is solid especially with the possible Raw invasion.

Stephen Ashfield