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WWE: Locker Room News, And More (Possible RAW Spoilers For Next Week)

In an effort to put more emphasis on the website in correlation with the direction the company seems to have been going over the past few months, have added a locker room news section with small snippets on several areas of the company. Although there is nothing particularly interesting bar revealing that they are in negotiations with Tatanka, it’s located atĀ if anyone wishes to take a look.

Also at is the updated Ross Report, which delves into the possibility of Jim Ross being replaced as an announcer on RAW (which is the current plan – the circulating idea is for JR to be fired by Vince McMahon on RAW in retaliation of last weeks antics with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and bring in Mike Goldberg from Ultimate Fighting Championship), what happened at Homecoming, Bruno Sammartino, and more. To read the full article, go to and check it out.

Just a reminder that No Mercy is this Sunday (not that WWE seems to have let anyone know). Tickets have been selling poorly, with tickets for most sections still available. Still, make sure that you’re a part of the No Mercy Quiz and Chat, starting at 8pm UK time over at in the chatroom, we hope to see you there.