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UK Scene #194

Welcome to the UK Scene, with a quiet spot compared the amount of information poor Mitch had to deal with. So, let’s get on with the news in the UK Scene this week…

Welcome to the UK Scene, with a quiet spot compared the amount of information poor Mitch had to deal with. So, let’s get on with the news in the UK Scene this week.

As seen on the TWO forums, there has been some confusion as to the safety and whereabouts of Sweet Saraya. There is a report that she walked into a police station to declare herself fit and well, but unfortunately she didn’t return home. There is no point being speculative about the reasons as to why, just that it is taking its toll on Ricky Knight and his family.

Not only has their daughter Saraya-Jade collapsed and has been taken into hospital the stress has got to Ricky as he has been hospitalised himself to recover from stress and an alcohol problem.

I feel a bit icky being part of washing their problems out in public, but it is good emphasis that you wrestling fans, marks and Smarks alike should realise that we wrestlers are human beings too.

Ricky has asked that all the shows he has organised carry on without him while he recovers and we at Wrestling101 wish him and his family our sympathy and good wishes.

One of the effected shows will be HEW’s refreshingly abrubt “Show number 3” whish will take place on Friday October 21st at The Takeley Silver Jubilee Hall in Takeley, Hertfordshire.

The current card looks like this:

  • Simply Luscious vs. Skye vs. Lamia

  • Dave Dearden vs. Nathan Reigns

  • Ricky Relentless vs. Zak Zodiac

  • James Tighe vs. Aviv Maayan

  • The UK Pitbull vs. Saul Adams & Jack Storm, if The UK Pitbulls lose then they will leave HEW

  • Ricky Knight & Andy Simmonz vs. Bash & Paul Travell

With Ricky hospitalised the final match will have to be changed, but now you know why cards are always subject to change.

Ticket Prices are adults for £10, children for £8 and a family ticket for £30. Doors open: 6:30pm, show starts: 7:30pm

The final connection that worries me is that I was wandering around the net and I noticed that the WAW website is temporarily closed. Not good news!

FWA are coming up a little shy on news as of late, the only news really of note is Jack Xavier being injured in training. I know how that one feels! Best wishes to Jack and a speedy recovery.

However, one FWA talent has decided to take advantage of the unfortunate event, Paul travell has insisted that he be the one to take on Iceman on Sunday 17th. So the turn of events could be very interesting for FWA fans.

1PW are continuing their American wet dream with no turning back, continuing to use the American talent on British soil approach.

Hell I can’t blame em, it makes money, because I cannot see anyone paying £80 to see any British talent right now!

There is rumour though that 1PW are going to fund smaller British talent shows, with the effect of promoting UK Talent up to the standard of their big shows. It is a big undertaking, as unfortunately, the UK seems to be glitzed by the TV boys.

Unfortunately so does 1PW, so I doubt we will see 1PW being the bastion of British wrestling it promised to be. They are giving a certain element of fans what they want so they are succeeding in a way though and it is very hard to criticise success.

Speaking to Mitchell, as you may have noticed, we are trying to involve you, the UKScene fan in our reporting. No, we’re not trying to get you to do the work, what we are trying to do is to get coverage of all the UKScene shows and you can help your favorite fed by submitting match reports to either Mitch, myself or even Kam.

If you are a federation we can help you if you help us, make sure you email your shows and news directly to Mitchell or myself, also make sure that you give the lovely Devilish Angel a buzz and she will enter your shows onto the news round up.

On a personal note, I’m beginning to notice that a lot of companies have been criticised in the past for having ambition. If you are a UK based promotion then we are on your side! Don’t be scared to tell us what you want the country to know.

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Both Mitchell and I give priority to news items sent to our inboxes.