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UK Scene #195

Welcome back to the UK Scene with me Mitch… no wait, I’m not Mitch! What the hell am I doing here? Ah, unfortunately Mitch has faced the ole blue screen of death in the face and lost, so you have ole Sazza this week…

Welcome back to the UK Scene with me Mitch… no wait, I’m not Mitch! What the hell am I doing here? Ah, unfortunately Mitch has faced the ole blue screen of death in the face and lost, so you have ole Sazza this week.

We have still had no more news about Sweet Saraya, despite pleas from her family and friends, Saraya has decided to keep away. Things like this affect the UK Scene deeply and I know all the wrestlers I have spoken to are concerned about Sweet Saraya’s safety, but as she has reported into Police stations there is not a lot anyone can do.

As I mentioned last week a lot of products involving Ricky Knight and his family have had to press on regardless and I will be displaying results this week. I have to say that it is very brave of WAW to keep on going, but the fans always come first, and that is a sure sign of professionalism from all involved.

BHW has announced a selection of confirmed bookings for their “Winter Warfare” show in Melton Mowbray on Saturday 26th November. This will take place at the Melton Mowbray Working mens club and the tickets cost 6.

The current booked matches are:

  • Perry Lang V D-Mon

  • Tommy, Danny & Gaylord Stevens V Bull Harley, Samson and Shabazz

  • M.T.X. V Mooga

Suddenly I feel like eating a pork pie…

FCW have announced 2 matches for their “FCW-Live” show on Friday 28th October at the Saddlers club, Walsall. That would be the building next to Bescott stadium for those who don’t know Walsall too well.

The Show starts at 7:45 and tickets are £7 or £24 for a family.

The matches currently booked are:

  • “Mr Bad Attitude” Saul Adams vs The Bouncer

  • Dragon Phoenix vs The Judge

I would recommend going to see the Bouncer, he has it all and I consider his gimmick one of the best in FCW, he has the look and the demeanor and against Saul this looks to be a match worth the £7 already.

Also on the cards is a trainee challenge from FCW, they are holding their last “in-ring” seminar for this year and are offering anyone to come there, pay their money for training and they will be considered for the Trainee battle royal on Sunday 18th December.

Now I was going to turn up with my kit bag for a laugh, but I doubt the joke would have been shared, but it is open to all, so this is an opportunity for people to learn how to wrestle in a ring.

I will say one thing though, if my buddy Brett Banner is in the rumble, I am there!

Still thinking about Melton Mobray pork pies though…

Well, so far 1PW seems to have completely abandoned the thought of using British talent in their shows. This is a shame…

It’s a shame because there are some really really good Brits out there who are overlooked for the fame seekers, who are usually abused by the power seekers. As I said before, I cannot blame 1PW for bringing ECW to British soil, yes it has its place, but I think reliving American history on British soil is more of a detriment than it is a saviour.

There are great wrestlers out there and I’m not just talking the US friendly Doug Williams, try Robbie Brookside, try Johnny Kidd. These people should be earning the 4 figure salary demanded as well.

1PW is successful, you cannot argue that fact, they bring a product to British soil, but I feel that they have a duty to bring the real British talent on a par with the Americans, and with the greatest of respect to every US wrestler that appears on the 1PW show, this is Britain and some of us want to see Brits win the gold!

I’m sorry, but it seems to me that the potential bastion of British wrestling that 1PW could have been has moved way for money. Fair play!

Couldn’t beat a fine pork pie though!

Now onto a little snippet of news about my lot, KSW, firstly that, while people call it K-Star, they are in fact talking about the bigger picture as you may or may not know, K-Star have Mui Tai Kickboxing gyms across the country. KSW is the wrestling arm of K-Star.

Secondly, KSW owner, Steve Logan, has decided to move away from the current set up and has separated training and booking within the company. This means a dedicated booker has been appointed and the intention is that KSW will return next year with at least 11 shows for 2006.

Not only that but KSW mean to start right now(ish) with a show named “Out of the Ashes” on Saturday 12th November at the Yew Tree Sports and Social Club, Brackendale Drive, Yew Tree Estate, Walsall.

Current wrestlers booked are World of Sport legend “Blondie” Barratt as well as MPW’s Mad Mike and Toker.

Hopefully soon we will be able to report on the other Midlands giant SCW, as they have been very quiet of late, with a show still yet to be booked.

Going back to TV legend Blondie Barratt, he is appearing on a EAW show on 28th October at the William Knibb Centre, Montagu Street, Kettering.
The card reads as:

  • EAW Heavyweight Championship Special Agent (C) vs. Lionheart

  • Light Heavyweight Championship Dragon (C) vs. Ace Anderson

  • Tag Team Championship Mooga + Tiger (C) vs. “Showtime” Steve Stryka + D-Kid

  • TV Legend Blondie Barratt vs. Brad Flash

  • Pumpkin on a pole match Mikey Furiae vs. Stealth

This is a special a hallows eve event with NO DQs, sounds fun!

As I found EAW out of chance, guys, give Mitch or myself an email if you have any announcements!

On a sadder note, I would just like to point out to you all the end of the career of a good friend of mine.

Danny Devine announced the end of his career this week and it is with sadness that he is quitting most of his hard work with the UK Scene as well.

I first knew Danny when I joined KSW a few years back, he was a popular and outspoken member of the wrestling fraternity. He decided to leave to further his career in 2004 and joined FCW as well as several promotions to bring an “Injection of perfection” to the UK Scene.

Danny had suffered an horrific wrestling accident at the hands of a reckless wrestler which caused severe injury to his back and put him out of wrestling, when he returned he was able to function quite fine during the period, but unfortunately time has crept up on Danny and the pains are beginning to take their toll.

I love Danny to bits, despite any disagreement we have had in the past, and I for one would have liked to see him return to KSW, which I think was his true home to do one last show! He was a good friend and confident.

I wish Danny the best but I plead with him that he does not close UKWorkers, and I plead with you to help him support the site by donating money to his work and helping him pay for a very valuable service!

Regardless of my wants and wishes, I hope that Danny gets the best out of his life and he deserves it, he was one great guy during the time I worked with him and he was a man who seemed destined for greater things in wrestling.

I am sure that Danny will keep me updated.

Right, onto the TWO forums and more of Danny’s work as those who didn’t know he is the Calgary hitman.

I have pleasure to announce the TWO UK Superstar top 50:

1. Doug Williams
2. Spud
3. Jonny Storm
4. Jody Fleisch
5. Jack Storm
6. Rob Hunter
7. James Tighe
8. Saul Adams
9. Ice XVII
10. Majik
11. Robbie Brookside
12. Marcus Kool
13. Cameron Knite
14. Alex Shane
15. Morales
16. El Ligero
17. British Born Steel
18. Johnny Kidd
19. Zebra Kid
20. Dragon Phoenix
21. Bubblegum
22. Martin Stone
23. Ricky Knight
24. Paul Burchill
25. Andy Simmonz
26. Aviv Maayan
27. UK Kid
28. Ace Anderson
29. Keith Myatt
30. Laken Xander
31. Falcon
32. Sal Americana
33. Darren Burridge
34. Stixx
35. Ross Jordan
36. A-star Athlete
37. T.J. Cain
38. “Maddog” Maxx Blassie
39. Ashe (New Breed)
40. Conscience
41. Scott Future
42. Spindoctor
43. Jonny Moss
44. James Mason
45. Steve Grey
46. Kade Callous
47. Danny Oxman
48. Anton Green
49. Carl Mizzery
50. Jetta

Now personally, I don’t agree with the order, but I cannot argue with the results.

Finally, onto the results section,

3CW – Billingham

  • Triple Threat Match Pac defeated EdEn and Falcon

  • The Vegas Connection (Vincent White & Dan Evans) defeated Tag Team champions Cutting EDGEucation (CJ Hunter & William Grange) in Non-Title Match

  • 3CW Heavyweight Championship – Ironman Match
    Wrestlers earn 2 points for a win and losing 1 for a defeat.
    Kid Richie defeated Stevie Lynn
    Ice XVII defeated Kid Richie
    Stevie Lynn defeated Kid Richie
    Stevie Lynn (c) defeated Ice XVII to retain the title

  • Totally Sensational (Jayson Mayson & Jonny Love) & JC Thunder defeated The Kraze (Cameron, Kyle & Marky B)

  • No Holds Barred Match GBH defeated Chris Cannon by stoppage

  • The Damned Nation (Brother War & Brother Shame) defeated Blake Norton & Darkside

  • Bodybag Match Conscience defeated Alex Shane

WZW – Shildon

  • Los Pervitos defeated T2K

  • Lance Thunder defeated Ted Taylor

  • wZw InterPromotional Championship Carbon defeated Tron (c) to win title

  • Spitfire defeated Dave Dangers

  • Full Pack defeated AJ Anderson & Jay Phoenix

  • wZw Championship – Hell’s Playground Match Iceman defeated Highlander (c) to win title

WAW October Outrage 7

  • The Kraft defeated “The Dark Angel” Ashe

  • The Zebra Kid defeated Zak Zodiac

  • WAW Tag Team Championship Bash & Crash defeated The U.K. Pitbulls (c) to win titles

  • Rude Boy Roberts was the sole survivor of the 10-man Academy tag

  • Destiny defeated Melody

  • WAW Cruiserweight Championship Jason Cross defeated “The Tattooed Warrior” Steve Quintain (c) to win title

CPW – Drimnagh

  • Joey Cabray defeated Fireboy via pinfall

  • “Mean” Mark Burns defeated Joe Butler via tap-out

  • “The Celtic Tiger” Blake Norton defeated Napalm Hamilton via tap-out

  • Chris Whitton defeated The Amazing Insano via tornado DDT

  • Alex Breslin defeated Darragh Galligan via tap-out

  • 3CW Young Lions Championship – Best of Three Falls Match Kid Richie defeated “All Star” Anthony Idol (c) two falls to one to win title

Celtic Wrestling “The Big Bang”

  • Elpyscho and Shawn Roman wrestled to a no-contest

  • Psycho Silvera defeated Caiman

  • “Sick” Nick Berretta & Ricky Hype defeated HMK (Peter Manfredo & Ace Manfredo)

  • Tyler Browne defeated Chris Recall

  • Mike Bird defeated “The Eliminator” Edd Ferris

  • 3CW Heavyweight Championship Stevie Lynn (c) defeated Ice XVII to retain title

  • Psycho Silvera won a 23-man Battle Royal, last eliminating Caiman

ASW – Aylesbury

  • Dean 2 Extreme defeated Chippendale Whiplash

  • Robbie Dynamite defeated Robbie Brookside

  • Joe Legend defeated Domino

  • Gangrell defeated Steve Sonic

  • The UK Dream Team (Kid Cool & Dean 2 Extreme) defeated The Canadian Widow Maker & Chad Collyer

May the Pork Pies be with you!

Now, so we get this straight old Wrestling companies, You need to advertise yourself and you need to do it badly! Let’s not get ourselves lost in the “oh people will come routine” because you want people there, and every now and again someone new wants to try a British product. We do our best to attract people to you REGARDLESS of fame, regardless of friends, I will say this almost only once:


All Emailers to Mitch and myself are Guaranteed first mention in the UK Scene full stop.

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Take care and we’ll talk soon.