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UK Scene #196

Welcome back to the UK Scene with myself Saracen, or Sazza as some like to call me, I’m here back from tales of derring do in Great Yarmouth to bring you the summary of the news across the UK Scene…

Welcome back to the UK Scene with myself Saracen, or Sazza as some like to call me, I’m here back from tales of derring do in Great Yarmouth to bring you the summary of the news across the UK Scene.

Let’s hope you are reading this an hour behind like you’re supposed to!

3CW have kicked us off this week with the news that Low-Ki and the Amazing Red are to appear on their show on 11th November at the The Billingham Synthonia Social Club in Billingham, Cleveland.

Low-Ki is set to team with Heavyweight Champion Stevie Lynn to face The Amazing Red & the former 3CW Champion ICE XVII. Sounds like a painful match!

Also scheduled to appear are the 3CW Young Lions Champion Kid Richie, Chris Whitton, 3CW Tag Team Champions Cutting EDGEucation, and Blake Norton.

Ticket Prices: Adult £5 (Ringside £7) Child/OAP £4 (Ringside £6) Family £15 (at least 2 children) (Ringside £21).

Now, the whole thing about ringside seat prices really confuses me, now ok, you have Low-Ki turning up to this event and the people who like his style will come in their droves to meet him. That brings money in and 3CW are quite reasonable to charge extra for a “closer look” but I’ve seen some federations do this with their homegrown talent… why? Just means everyone is going to sit at the back and it will look bad if you are recording it for that WWE tryout!

The lovely Devilish Angel reported to us that the promoters of Universal Uproar (AKA Alex Shane most likely) have confirmed the rumour that AJ Styles, Rhino, Spike Dudley and Austin Aries will not be appearing due to the TNA PPV the night before. They will be replaced by The Sandman, D Lo Brown, Low Ki, and Joe Legend, so looking at it, it really isn’t a bad swap.

Universal uproar will be held on Saturday 12th November at The Skydome, in Coventry.

The match of interest in this show? The eight man hardcore rules tag match, Mick Foley, The Sandman, Steve Corino & Paul Travell vs. Alex Shane, Stixx, Martin Stone & Iceman. I sense that with the amount of rock teeshirt wearing fans screaming for blood at 1PW, this is probably the match that is causing the most buzz.

Of note to the Old style British fans, there is a World of Sport (AKA Wrestling Channel) Hall of Fame ceremony with Kendo Nagasaki, Mick McManus, and Steve Grey.

Ticket Prices are £85 to £10.

Determined not to be out done, 1PW have announced a two day tour for you to spend even more money than you did last time. Yes 1PW went from 7pm to midnight on their debut show, now they have split it into two days!

Yes! You lucky people get to pay loads of money for each!

Remember last week I had an emotional moment about perhaps they could use some of the superb British talent that exists in the country today and not the usual America Friendly Doug Williams and TV friendly Johnny Storm? Not that there is anything wrong with either wrestler.

1PW have announced that the British entries to the card will be…

Wait for it…

Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch vs. Low-Ki & Homicide
Doug Williams vs. Homicide

D’oh! Ok 1PW I’m giving up on you now!

We’ve had an update from LDN announcing the current card for “Showdown II“:

  • UK Kid vs. Tony Sefton

  • Jamie James vs. Scotty Daniels

  • Team Sexay vs. Paul Robinson & Ashley Reed

  • Project Future vs. Craig Regis & TBA

  • Nikita vs. Skye

  • Ricky Knight makes a open challenge

  • Chris Wyld vs. Darren Burridge

The show is to be held on Sunday November 6th at Kelmscott Leisure Centre in Walthamstow, London.

Ticket Prices: Ringside £15 Adult £10 Child £6 Family £30 (2 Adults & 2 Children).

KSW, yup my lot, have announced the preliminary card for “Out of the Ashes” on Saturday November 12th at the Yew Tree Sports and Social Club, Brackendale Drive, Yew Tree Estate, Walsall.

Matches include:

  • Mad Mike vs. Toker

  • Staxx vs. Phalim Finlay

  • Carl Mizzery vs. Sal Americana

  • Blondie Barratt vs. Nicky Mace

As well as the end of a two year feud between two KSW wrestlers:

  • Wolf & Partner vs. Pogo & Partner.

Ticket Prices: Adult £5 Concessions £3

UCW have announced the show “Sweet Revenge” to be held on November 4th at the Civic Hall in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

Currently announced matches are:

  • Rocco vs. Tyler Browne

  • Nikita vs. Simply Luscious

  • Lone Wolf vs. Spyke vs. Country Boy

  • Chris Petherwick vs. Matt Jarrett

  • Ethan Skye vs. Stevie Mathews

  • Alex Shane vs. The Allstar

  • UCW Tag Team Championships – Triple Threat Match House Of Pain vs. Hero & Instinct vs. The Misfits
    UCW Championship The Gangster vs. Atom

Ticket Prices: £5

They have also announced “When Worlds Collide II” to be held on November 11th at the NCLA in Newport, Wales.

Currently announced matches are:

  • Sonjay Dutt vs. Jonny Storm vs. Shannon Moore vs. Atom

  • Chris Petherwick vs. Rocco

  • Hade Vansen vs. Ethan Skye

  • The Sandman vs. The Allstar

  • Falls Count Anyway Match: The Gangster vs. Alex Shane

  • Plus a 6 team invitational for the UCW Tag Team Championships, Mick Foley, Simply Luscious, Country Boy, Lone Wolf, Tyler Browne, The Legendary Bill Apter presents a Special Edition of “Apters Alley!” and much more!!

Ticket Prices: Ringside £25 Other £20

Now onto the one and only result of the week given to us here at Wrestling 101

FWA – “Last Fight at the prom” Morcambe

  • Spud defeated Bubblegum and Jack Storm

  • Dr. Dirk Feelgood defeated Joey Hayes

  • Eamon O’Neil defeated Stixx
    Dave Rayne and Chris Egan wrestled to a no-contest

  • Ollie Burns & Mark Sloan defeated Chris Egan & Dave Rayne

  • Nikita defeated Simply Luscious

  • Jonny Storm & Joe E. Legend defeated Johnny Angel & Alex Shane

Now I am sure that on my week to report everyone goes quiet!

All the best!