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ACW: Details of upcoming shows

– The first show on “Explosion” Saturday November 5th is a show for ACW’s The Wrestling Academy. It will be held at the Bletchley Leisure Centre in Bletchley, Milton Keynes.

Currently announced matches are:

The Blood Brothers vs. Humongous & Steve ‘O

Silver Mask vs. Matt Naylor

Ferral vs. Vyper

Samson vs. Sam Steel

ACW Tag Team Championship
Bull Harley & Inferno (c) vs. Tommy Gunn & Lightning Lavender

ACW Heavyweight Championship
DOA (c) vs. Wildcat

Ticket Prices:

Doors Open:
Show Starts: 4:00pm

– Their second show “Lockdown” will be a Charity show with the profit going to the  Anthony Nolan Trust, which will be held on Friday November 18th at the Marston Club in Marston Morteyne, Bedfordshire.

Currently announced matches are:

Rich’N’Famous & Kruiz vs. The Blood Brothers vs. Sam Steel & Steve’O

ACW Light Heavyweight Championship – Handcuff Match
Tom Beattie (c) vs. Silver Mask vs. Matt Naylor vs. Seb Drea vs. Vyper vs. Ferral

ACW Tag Team Championship – Mexican Street Fight
Bull Harley & Inferno (c) vs. Los Pervitos

ACW & TBW Heavyweight Championships
DOA (ACW c) vs. Samson (TBW c)

Also set to appear Kid Regis, Will Davison, and Mark Underwood.

Ticket Prices:
Adult £6

Doors Open:
Show Starts: 7:00pm