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WWE: Christian quits

For those who have asked, Christian’s quitting WWE is not a work.  He worked his last match for WWE last night at the Smackdown taping in Los Angeles.  He was in negotiations for a new contract, as I believe his old one expires today, and did not like the terms he was being offered from WWE and turned down the deal.  From what I have heard, his leaving took at least some people in WWE management by surprise.  On the flip side, we have been reporting for months now that Christian was not happy with the way WWE was using him, especially after they brought him to the cusp of main event status, only to push him back down the card.  So to others in the company, his turning down WWE’s offer wasn’t a surprise at all.  WWE has already pulled down his bio on the Smackdown page.  It’s also interesting to note that unlike what they have done with others in the past, they did not wish him well on the page when they announced his left the company