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WWE: Official Smackdown Preview for 04/11/05

A battle with some history
November 4, 2005

“Cowboy” Bob Orton was a longtime ally of Rowdy Roddy Piper. Orton even accompanied Piper for his matches at the first two WrestleManias. But Orton has other priorities now. Cowboy Bob is back in WWE to aid his son Randy in any and every way possible. And if that means helping Randy “kill” the legend of Piper, then so be it.

Last week in SmackDown’s main event, Cowboy Bob accidentally backed into a signature Piper sleeper hold. It was lights out for Bob, and the submission soon followed. Enraged by that result, the elder Orton will get Piper in the ring one-on-one with a chance to prove that he has fully emerged from the shadow of “The Rowdy One.” Piper will look to rile Orton up and make it two big wins in a row. Which WWE Hall of Famer will come out on top? Tune in to SmackDown to find out.

Also, don’t miss Christian’s final match this week on SmackDown. As reported earlier on, the former Intercontinental Champion is leaving WWE. But first he’ll team up with JBL to take Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio Friday night on SmackDown.

Powerhouse newcomer Lashley has plowed through the competition so far, but this week on SmackDown, he’ll have to take on two dangerous Superstars at once.

Nunzio and his enforcer Vito took issue with being left out of last week’s Fatal Fourway for the WWE Tag Team Championship. They contend that had they been involved, they’d be sporting the gold now rather than MNM — and they let SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long know it.

In response, Mr. Long will give Nunzio and Vito a chance to prove that they belong in the kind of championship matches that are changing Friday Nights. But they’ll have to go through the buzzsaw that is Lashley to do it. Will it be another dominating performance by the three-time national wrestling champion, or will he be silenced by “The Skull” and Nunzio?

Also, after a blind tag and a Snapshot last week, MNM became two-time WWE Tag Team Champions. Mercury, Nitro and Melina are sure to grab some face time before their paparazzi following on Friday, but will they be forced to defend the gold?