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1PW: Bret Hart to appear on "No Turning Back" Tour

1PW Newsline – November 8th 2005

Five weeks ago, 1PW Newsline dropped a bombshell when we announced that a legendary superstar would be appearing at 1PW’s NO TURNING BACK events this upcoming January. This statement led to extensive rumors and speculation amongst fans and insiders alike. After an extensive negotiation process, 1PW Officials can finally, at long last, address the rumors and publicly confirm the identity of January’s special guest. With that in mind, 1PW officials are today very proud to announce that former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight champion BRET “THE HITMAN” HART has been signed to make appearances at the Dome in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England on January 6th and 7th as part of 1PW’s NO TURNING BACK weekend. Bret will appear exclusively for 1PW in the UK during this tour, so don’t miss the opportunity to meet “The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be” in Doncaster at NO TURNING BACK.

Bret Hart is inarguably one of the most beloved figures in the history of professional wrestling. Known the world over as a one-of-a-kind technician and sportsman, his fan following has grown to astronomic heights over the past 25 years, and with good reason. Although Hart has certainly had his share of personal and professional misfortunes, he is and always will be best remembered for his undaunted work ethic and his quest to maintain self-respect and integrity regardless of the circumstances.

1PW’s European Director of Operations, Rick Peters, has been in negotiations with Bret’s camp over the past few weeks trying to secure the appearance of the legendary Canadian wrestler. “I’m just proud that my efforts could lead to something so wonderful for 1PW and its fans. The opportunity for everyone to meet Bret and to have him stand in our ring makes all the work getting the deal finished worthwhile.”

For his part, Bret has been studying the goings-on in 1PW intently, including the troubles the fledgling promotion has had with NWA World Heavyweight champion, JEFF JARRETT.

All of us here in 1PW welcome former 7-time World Champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart into the 1PW family with open arms. Stay posted to 1PW Newsline and in the coming weeks for more details on Bret Hart’s very special appearance at the “No Turning Back” weekend.

With all the Bret Hart excitement going on at the 1PW Offices, the decision was made to postpone further match announcements was made. 1PW Newsline apologizes for the delay. We will return next week with information on at least 2 more matches including the name of STEVE CORINO’s qualifying round opponent.

Friday January 6th
Dream Fatal Four Way – Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas
1PW Title Tournament Qualifier – Sabu vs Abyss
Southern Comfort vs Blue Meanie & Al Snow
International Tag Team Challenge – Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch vs Low-Ki & Homicide
Steve Corino vs Masato Tanaka
Plus Special Appearance by BRET HITMAN HART

Saturday January 7th
1PW Title Tournament Qualifier – Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles
1PW Title Tournament Qualifier – Samoa Joe vs Masato Tanaka
1PW Title Tournament Qualifier – Christopher Daniels vs Low-Ki
Southern Comfort vs Blue Meanie & Al Snow
Doug Williams vs Homicide
Plus Special Appearance by BRET HITMAN HART

For many people attending 1PW’s October 1st event, the afternoon FanSlam was a definite highlight. Fans attending January’s two big events will get that same thrill as 1PW FanSlam returns to the Dome in Doncaster. For No Turning Back, we are taking the FanSlam inside the 1PW Arena, and will present Exclusive Q&A sessions with the stars of 1PW, autograph and merchandise tables and for the first time, special FanSlam matches!

The No Turning Back FanSlam is an all ticket show that starts at 1pm on Saturday January 7th. Tickets are priced at just £7 and are available online at, or via the 1PW Ticket Line at 0870 2242992

Watch 1PW Newsline for more details on all this during the month of November.

1PW No Turning Back tickets ( for both Friday Jan 6th and Saturday Jan 7th ) are on sale now, priced from £15 – £80 , and available from the Doncaster Dome Box Office on 0800 801 572, or via the 1PW Ticket Line on 0870 224 2992 , or available to purchase securely online via

Premium Ticket Holders will be allowed access into the arena one hour early at 5pm, to see an exclusive pre show taping, and for picture and autograph opportunities with the 1PW Stars.

In addition to this, a variety of sponsorship and sky box packages are available. Please call the 1PW Ticket Line for information on 0870 224 2992.

When configures for wrestling the Dome holds just over 1,600 people, and due to it’s size and shape, is a very intimate venue for wrestling, as we are sure you will agree, there isn’t a bad seat in the house.