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WWE: Batista injured at SD taping, Armageddon poster

– It has been reported that WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista was injured at the Smackdown taping last night, he suffered a muscle tear in his back during the closing angle. He still managed to wrestle Randy Orton in a Post Smackdown Dark Match, which lasted three minutes and featured Orton on offence followed by a quick spinebuster for the pin.

After the match when Batista returned to the locker room, it was said that he has torn his latissimus dorsi, a muscle on the upper back that connects under each arm. Batista was apparently in a lot of pain, and WWE was making arrangements to have him checked out today.

– Speaking of Batista the poster for the next Smackdown only brand PPV has been revealed, it features Batista with mushroom cloud explosions reflected in his eyes. The PPV will be held on December 18th, in Providence Rhode Island.