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WWE: ESPN DJ Rips On Eddie, Huge Backlash

All stories taken directly from LOP:

Anthony P. Landrosh sent in the following letter to me. He said that he was listening to ESPN radio earlier today, “The Herd With Colin Cowherd”, and Colin Cowherd said some rude comments about Eddie Guerrero’s passing. He accused Eddie and other wrestlers of steroid use. Cowherd said, “who cares that he died” and that Guerrero’s death was not “newsworthy.” He also started speculation on the “unknown causes” of his death.

Colin Cowherd has a subsite on, which you can visit by CLICKING HERE. He’s the guy on the top banner of the page. His site also has an e-mail form where you can send an e-mail. CLICK HERE to visit the e-mail page if you have something to say to him.


Tim Chandler sent in the following update to me concerning your phonecalls to ESPN in regards to the rude remarks ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd made earlier today about Eddie Guerrero. Tim tells me that ESPN headquarters has been getting “thousands upon thousands” of phone calls from angry wrestling fans. The calls have been coming in by the droves that ESPN can’t handle them all and they’ve had people come in from other departments to help take them. Tim says that the switchboard operater has NEVER seen such an incredible backlash or response than the one they have had in the last hour or so. It looks like ESPN is going to take some serious action against Colin Cowherd due to the phone number I posted earlier today. Then subsquently, wrestling fans like you called in to voice your complaints to ESPN.

Anyways, here is the e-mail Tim Chandler just sent me as he details the raucous going on in Bristol…

Hi, my name is Tim Chandler. LONG-TIME LOP fan. In response to the news about Cowherd and ESPN. I called the customer service number. The main switchboard put me thru, but they have set up a voicemail because there are TOO MANY CALLS. I called back, talked to the switchboard operator. I questioned her at length. She told me that they have been getting THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of calls all day concerning Cowherd’s comments about Eddie Guerrero. She said they can’t handle all the calls so they have even brought people in from other departments to help field them and..calls have had to be re-routed all over the company. She said she has been there many years and has NEVER seen a backlash or response like this. The main message is, “Either remove Cowherd, or fans will be boycotting everything ESPN”. That’s the majority message she had been getting today. Your voice WILL be heard. Just wanted to keep everyone up to date. Thank you LOP!!


There is an online petition to get rid of Colin Cowherd. Don’t know how much merit this would hold with ESPN has 236 signatures so far.

Anthony Walters sent in a link to me if you’d rather e-mail the people in charge of ESPN radio instead of call them on the phone. CLICK HERE to go to that page.

You can personally voice your thoughts to Colin Cowherd as a person sent me his e-mail address. You can e-mail him at


W101 Exclusive: For anyone who wants to listen to the DJs comments, go here and click on “Listen to The Herd”. When the pop-up appears and the show streams, skip to the 2 hours and 4 minute mark. Be warned though – if you were angry before, this won’t help your cause.