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UK Scene #198

Hi all, and welcome back to the UK Scene with me Saracen, let’s have a look at the news and shows that will affect the following week…

Hi all, and welcome back to the UK Scene with me Saracen, let’s have a look at the news and shows that will affect the following week.

The FWA have announced that they have had to cancel a show due to the lack of interest in their Goldrush show. They state:

Attendance at Broxbourne has been low this year compared to previous years, which we realise is due to a combination of factors – but most notably the arrival of new UK wrestling companies who promote towards Internet fans meaning the market is becoming saturated; and also ineffective local promotion, which is something FWA will address. We also intend to review ticket prices for Broxbourne events next year.

All I say to that is why do promotions always blame the internet for their woes?!

If you solely promote to Internet fans then you will find that no-one will turn up (unless of course you are promoting the big stars), the Internet is not the all singing all dancing promotion maker that everyone makes it out to be. It is full of people interested in wrestling, they will buy your DVD but they never get off their arses to actually see a promotion. Why should they? They are getting to see what they want for virtually free anyway.

The pricing issue is a different matter, FWA currently charge £35 for Gold Ringside, £25 for Silver Ringside, £20, £15 and £10. Why does anyone who just wants to see some family wrestling go see an expensive show when a local one that charges pittance will entertain their kids for 3 hours will do?

Now unless they sold 4 tickets, they should have put the show on, a company like FWA could have taken the hit, maybe cut a few costs, like the WWE do on house shows. Compensating fans with an academy show and a couple of free DVDs will do, but this is wrestling and I think FWA are considering themselves too big to do a show for 20, it used to be all about the love of wrestling.

SWA have announced their show “Retribution 2” announced for January 14th 2006 at Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex, Bellshill outside Glasgow.

I do like how SWA have taken the time to set up the matches and offered us a reason to care about each match.

The card looks like this:

  • Eric ‘The Fist’ Canyon defends against Chris Charizma

  • Four way single eliminated match

  • Hatred and Adam Shame V Unknown team

  • Aidan Corrigan V Jonny Milla

  • Conscience V Majik

It seems that the US have realised the UK is easy money and have now decided to sidestep the British promotions and bring themselves over, US independent promotion Pro Wrestling Guerrilla based in California, have announced two dates in Europe (Germany & UK) for next year.

I’m sure the show will be very popular and a big hit and everything, but as the UK Scene wrestlers slowly fade into further obscurity we can at least feel safe in the knowledge that at least the US stars are willing to take their place.

BWA have announced the matches for their show at Bidd’s Club in Longton, Stoke-On-Trent on Friday December 9th.

The card reads:

  • ‘Highlander’ Drew McDonald vs. Paul ‘Vault’ Beswick

  • ‘Showstealer’ Alex Shane vs. Mike Gudness

  • Domino vs. Stixx

  • ‘The Crippler’ Chris Curtis (c) vs. James Mason

Prices: £7 Adult, £6 children, £20 family.

MPW have announced their matches for their end of year extravaganza at the Ivy Leaf Social Club in Sheldon, Birmingham on December 4th.

The card reads:

  • Mad Mike & The UK Pitbulls vs. The Damned Nation

  • Black Widow vs. Klondyke Kate

  • Ronin vs. Toker

  • Conscience (c) vs. ‘Hardcore’ Keith Myatt

Prices £6 Adults £4 children.

It seems that’s it for this week, If you have any wrestling news, don’t forget to send it in.

Have a great week.