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1PW: Nov 30th Newsline

With only 200 tickets being made available for this unique meet and greet event… and over 150 already being sold… fans who want to take advantage of this special opportunity need to act fast.  At 1pm on Friday January 6th, 1PW’s ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES will host a very special one hour Q&A session featuring the 7-time former world champion.  Then, immediately afterward, members of the audience will each have the chance to get an autograph and take a photo with the legend himself, BRET HART, in a VIP signing event. Bret will indeed be appearing on both the Friday and Saturday night’s shows, but this special Friday afternoon event will be YOUR ONLY GUARANTEED OPPORTUNITY to meet The Hitman one-on-one, get a photo with him and possibly have him answer that one question you always been dying to ask.

With two matches on Friday afternoon and a total of four on Saturday afternoon, Premium Ticket Holders and Saturday’s FanFest attendeesare in for an extra treat during the NO TURNING BACK weekend. Friday January 6th at 5pm, doors will open at the Dome in Doncaster for Premium Ticket Holders.  Those fans will get a chance to meet several 1PW stars for photos and autographs.  They’ll also be treated to matches featuring the massive UK PITBULLS taking on THE BENJAMINS (MTX and SHABAZZ) and SPITFIRE facing off
against the ICEMAN. Saturday January 7th at 12:30pm, doors open for the 1PW FanFest. A pair of hour-long Q&A sessions with the stars of 1PW plus matches featuring “THE LITTLE WRESTLER WHO COULD” SPUD facing “THE PUKKA ONE” DARREN BURRIDGE and STERLING JAMES KEENAN vs ICE XVII will be the major attractions. Saturday at 5pm, doors re-open for Premium Ticket Holders with another opportunity to meet the stars of 1PW and a pair of matches with T2K (WOLFGANG and DARKSIDE) vs PAIN INC (RUFFNECK and SABOTAGE) in tag team action and STEVIE LYNN vs ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES.

A huge weekend for pro wrestling in Britain keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Friday January 6th
1PW Title Tournament Qualifier – Sabu vs Abyss
1PW Title Tournament Qualifier – Doug Williams vs Darren Burridge
1PW Title Tournament Qualifier – Petey Williams vs Jerry Lynn
1PW Title Tournament Qualifier – D-Lo Brown vs Sterling James Keenan
Dream Fatal Four Way – Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles vs Charlie Haas
Jeff Jarrett vs Bret Hart’s Mystery Wrestler
International Tag Team Challenge – Jonny Storm & Jody Fleisch vs Low-Ki & Homicide
Southern Comfort vs Blue Meanie & Al Snow
Steve Corino vs Masato Tanaka
Elix Skipper vs Spud
Plus Special Appearance by BRET ‘THE HITMAN’ HART

Saturday January 7th
1PW Title Tournament Qualifier – Jeff Jarrett vs AJ Styles
1PW Title Tournament Qualifier – Samoa Joe vs Masato Tanaka
1PW Title Tournament Qualifier – Charlie Haas vs Steve Corino
1PW Title Tournament Qualifier – Christopher Daniels vs Low-Ki
Abyss vs D-Lo Brown
Sabu vs Iceman
International Dream Four Way – Jody Fleisch vs Jonny Storm vs Jerry Lynn vs Petey Williams
Southern Comfort vs Blue Meanie & Al Snow
Doug Williams vs Homicide
Plus Special Appearance by BRET ‘THE HITMAN’ HART

Check in to Newsline next week for details on a story we’re tracking involving one of Friday night’s Tournament Qualifying matches, plus, Jeff Jarrett’s attempts to find out who Bret Hart’s Mystery Wrestler is.  Can he learn the truth in time to prepare a gameplan?


1PW No Turning Back tickets for both Friday Jan 6th and Saturday Jan 7th are on sale now, priced from £15 – £60, and available from the Dome Box Office on 0800 801 572, via the 1PW Ticket Line on 0870 224 2992, or available to purchase securely online via Bell time both nights is 7pm. Doors open at 6pm.

Premium Ticket Holders will be allowed access into the arena an extra hour earlier at 5pm where they will be able to watch an exclusive pre-show taping and enjoy picture and autograph opportunities with the 1PW Stars.

In addition to this, a variety of sponsorship and sky box packages are available. Please call the 1PW Ticket Line for information on 0870 224 2992.

When configured for wrestling the Dome holds just over 1,600 people, and due to its size and shape, is a very intimate venue for wrestling. We are sure you will agree there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

Visit 1PW online at for all the latest news on the No Turning Back weekend as well as our exciting range of DVDs and other merchandise. While you’re there, check out the media section for photos from a Cruel Twist of Fate, join the discussions in the 1PW Forums and browse through the Roster page to find out more about your favorite 1PW stars.


Release Date – 5 Dec 05

1PW’s inaugural event, A CRUEL TWIST OF FATE, comes to DVD in an exciting two disc set that includes the entire supershow plus highlights of the hilarious Q&A sessions with the 1PW roster and much, much more.

The roof nearly blows off the Dome in Doncaster as RAVEN battles SANDMAN in a Raven’s Rules match until both men to be attacked by The Innovator of Violence TOMMY DREAMER and the match becomes a three way dance. In the evening’s main event, ‘The Monster’ ABYSS clashes with ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ STYLES. 1PW’s ‘King of Old School’ STEVE CORINO defends his AWA World Heavyweight Championship against AL SNOW. DOUG WILLIAMS faces AUSTIN ARIES in a clash of technical masters and JERRY LYNN and CHRIS SABIN wage war with Britain’s own JONNY STORM and JODY FLEISCH in a high-flying International Tag Challenge.

All this, plus LOW KI vs ICEMAN in a brutal strong style battle, TRACY SMOTHERS vs BLUE MEANIE, D-LO BROWN vs top Independent prospect STERLING JAMES KEENAN and British Cruiserweight action.

Release Date – 10 Dec 05

This is the first in 1PW’s Interrogation Series: an exciting new line of shoot interviews with members of the 1PW roster. The series, hosted by 1PW color commentator Anthony Kingdom James, starts off on a high note with a full three-hour interview with current AWA World Heavyweight champion STEVE CORINO taped in Doncaster the night before A Cruel Twist of Fate. Join the ‘King of Old School’ as he discusses his beginnings in Canada and his childhood move to the US, how he became involved in professional wrestling and his time with ECW, life in Japan after ECW folded and the resurgence of the AWA title.

Corino dispels myths and rumors that have never been addressed before and FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER reveals a secret about his career that he has kept for a full decade! The DVD also includes highlights of his AWA title defense from ACTOF vs AL SNOW and, as a special bonus, the full video of his recent title defense against CHRIS HAMRICK which features color commentary by the champion’s 8 year old son, COLBY CORINO and AJ STYLES.

Release Date – 10 Dec 05

This 2 and ½ hour DVD is the very first release in the new 1PW Collectors Series. Both Q & A panels hosted by 1PW’s Kingdom James at the Doncaster Dome VIP Fan Conference Suite on the afternoon of A Cruel Twist Of Fate are included in their entirety.

Enjoy the fun from the sold out event featuring discussions with Tommy Dreamer, Blue Meanie, Al Snow, Tracy Smothers, Jerry Lynn, Chris Sabin, Low Ki, Jonny Storm, Doug Williams and Steve Corino. Watch as the second panel is gate crashed by a drunken Sandman who hadn’t slept for two days and proceeded to turn the event into a hilarious one man show. This really is very funny and sensational footage that you won’t find anywhere else, so order today.